Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ruel's Art Works

Today I wanna share about Ruel's art work. :)
Because of his interest of drawing, I really want to put him to a kiddie art class once a week to learn drawing with a right way.
But however his therapies won't allowed it and say that it's not good for him. I don't know the reason is like he will has a wilder imagination, sensory seeking things, etc.
The class suggested for him is music class: drum.
However his feet is still too short for drum class, after asking from my friend who has master degree of drum.
And I really confuse of what to do. Drum is for 6 years, and Ruel is 3 years.

However, finally this year I decide to insist put him to the art class, as he really love it, and I think it will be good for him (mother instict maybe? Hope it is right).. If not I can always take him out from the class. Or if he hates it, then I will stop it. :)

Well you will know that whatever the result, I will think that as the most beautiful art ever born in the world. Hehhehe...

This is his 1st hand drawn, 18 Feb 2010 - Thursday, at the class.
Really cute big bird. Hehee..


and this is the 2nd one. :)
Yesterday, 22 Feb 2010 - Thursday.



So far when I asked the teacher, she said that he loves it.
And it is so far so good. :) And I really love to see his hand drawn.
So I am happy for it. :D

Well.. music class should wait. Maybe at least when he is 4? :)


Stevie said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow Kitty!!! Those drawings are really good for a 3 year old!! That looks like stuff my six year old son is doing. Ruel is a little artist!! And as far as the drums go, you could get him a hand drum or a single drum to practice on. My three year old has a little First Act (thats the brand)drum, the top opens up and you can store the sticks, harmonica,tamborine and maracas inside. He loves to play it and we're thinking about buying him a small child sized drum kit for his birthday this Summer. Have a great day!

Denise aka wererich said... Best Blogger Tips

I don't understand why you can't do art either. Does Ruel have challenges for his brain? If he's a child without physical/mental issues then he would be great at art. Just look at those gorgeous pieces! I want to put my daughter in art class too so she can learn the right way. She's 8 but the art class is on the same day as her ice skating class so we can't. I would speak to the art teacher and ask what they think. As far as drum goes, they have drum pads that don't have to be put on a stand. It would all for his height.

Kitty said... Best Blogger Tips

Denise, Ruel has PDD NOS (pervasive development disorder - not other specific), it's under DSM IV category, under the autism spectrum. Even though you can hardly recognize him when you met him, unless you are a mother of child with special needs, which will train your eyes to be easily recognize children with the same spectrum as your children. :) In other words, he is very very mild, after 2 years therapy.

(Well I think I wanna write his story one day)

He has a really high imagination, sometimes kinda vivid, and his therapies afraid that drawing class can make his imagination goes wider (and maybe wilder? :P ). But really I don't really get it either if that can makes a big deal. So I just follow my mother instinct to just go for it. ;)

Stevie, thank u sooo much, it makes my cheek bloom now. LOL.
Yupe, I was thinking about the little drum, too, but since I not an expert in music (I do play guitar but autodidact - so I have no basic at all), so I kinda confuse how to teach him. But maybe I can just do it for fun, right? Just for him to understand this.

Samanta0505 said... Best Blogger Tips

Awww Kitty! Ruels artwork looks really amazing!
And he's such a cute lil' boy, and he looks soooo proud about his artwork <3

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

What a handsome Chap, his artwork is amazing!!

Wonder of my heart said... Best Blogger Tips

Always rely on your mothers instict sweetie!! Those artworks do look wonderful for a 3 year old little guy just like Stevie said!!
It's too bad we don't have art classes here for those little ones :(

You can give him a little drum, then you can see if he likes it. Don't be confused, do what your heart tells you ;)

Have a wonderful evening or uhh day ;)
Hugs Natascha

TeenaBugg38 said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Kitty!
I am new to your blog but a longtime fan of your designing. As I read about your little man I wondered if he was mildly autistic or pdd/nos....I have a son who is profoundly autistic. Art is such a wonderful outlet for these children. Especially if they are nonverbal. My son could NEVER stand doing drums cuz he hates noise and is very sensitive like that. I think that as a mother you know your child better than the "experts" They don't live with him :) Put him in that art class...he definately has the knack for it!!

Blessings to you and your son!

heidi said... Best Blogger Tips

These are so beautiful Kitty! I agree with you to follow your motherly instincts and do what you think is best for Ruel!! They are such joyful paintings that you can see he is very happy doing them!

nrussell said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my gosh - his artwork is beautiful! And look how proud he is sharing it withe camera. I'm not sure how stifling the imagination is good for him - though I'm sure they have an education plan but I think your instincts are right on target. He is so proud - it's beautiful work.

photomagic247 said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my gosh!!!! Those drawings are AWESOME!!! And he is only 3 years old???? AMAZING!
You were so right to insist he get to take the art class . . . just look at those beautiful drawings!!!
wow! He sure is talented (just like his mom!)!

Rebecca said... Best Blogger Tips

Kitty - his drawings are amazing for a 3 year old!!! I am so impressed! Don't let anyone else tell you what is best for your child, even if they are an expert. You can certainly take advice from them, but you are his mother, and YOU know best! God will put in your heart what is best for your little boy! I am so glad that you followed your heart and put him in drawing class! I've not had any children with special needs (thankfully), but I have a little niece with Down's Syndrome, and I know how much the experts think they know! Kudos for doing what YOU felt was best!!

SandyPie said... Best Blogger Tips

Kitty - he is a great artist as a mother of 2 boys in the autism spectrum I say your "experts" are wrong, and I am so angry they are telling you this. If he has a vivid imagination GREAT! Or is he reenacting things he sees on tv, that's where you have to be careful. But he needs an outlet to express himself. I don't know if he has difficulty communicating but this is great way to let him express himself. Someday when he goes to school won't he have art then? Better for him to learn about the chaotic/busy environment an art classroom can be and learn to act correctly in the situation now then not allow him anything like that and have huge issues when he does start school.

There is not enough know about autism for anyone to tell you what is best. If your instinct tells you to try it, then try it. My boys LOVE music, as much as they hate loud noises and strange sounds they love music. I would not recommend drums it may get him too worked up (a pillow and drum sticks maybe?)but I would recommend a keyboard or guitar even just let him slowly try and enjoy, it doesn't have to be lessons just let him learn to appreciate and learn that he is capable of making it in his own way.

And please always keep a journal of things that are happening so that you as his mother can track his progress there are things about these kids no test can touch but your heart will know what is right for him. And if it doesn't work out he'll learn from that too.

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