Saturday, November 27, 2010


Hi ladies!!
Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

MY WHOLE STORE is having a 30% OFF SALE!!!

And I just put new stuffs there!

Check out:

Double Shot Sketches 8

This is a collection of double pager templates:
Include are:
- 10 double pages templates (24x12 inches) + 3 single template
*which means you got 23 templates in 12x12 inches
- 10 papers (8 pattern + 2 solids)
- bunch of gorgeous elements (see in preview)
* elements already include in the PSD

or if you prefer a template for freedom of mix and match:

Double Shot Album 8

album were created with Tiny Mini 2 Kit (right now it's at Scrap Orchad for $1)

This is a collection of double pager templates:
Include are:
10 double pages quick pages (24x12 inches) + 3 single pages
*which means you got 23 quick pages in 12x12 inches

This album is personal use only.
for professional photographer version please contact me:

also check out:

This album was originally created for my client.
And now made into a gorgeous album for you.
The photobook I created can be seen here:
CLICK to see the Photobook Slide Show

Click here to view this photo book.

Enjoy and have a blessed day!


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Joyful Wish: Kitty and Vera

Hi ladies!!
Thanks for all your contributing in guessing and posting!
Now here is the reveal..
and the designer is my fellow Indonesian Designer: Vera Lim Designs! :)
For those who guess that I am collaborating with Scrap Orchad Designer, it is half true.. lol as we both are there this month.

Vera and me comes out with a Christmas theme kit, as both of us has a special addiction to Christmas. And I believe it turns out really adorable!

So here is it...

Joyful Wish
which will be 30% OFF now until end of Saturday: 27 Nov 2010!




and FREE quick pages with purchase:


20 papers
1 alpha
71 elements
6 quick pages

and now here are the inspiring pages from my team:







and... here is the winner:

Please contact me:
to claim your code!

Have fun and have a blessed day!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Farmer's Market at Scrap Orchad

Hi ladies..
My Farmer's Market part at Scrap Orchad is UP!
They are $1 item. :)
I never had any new release for $1 before.
So I think this is such a great deal, and will only for limited time only.

Tiny Mini 2




2nd part of my mini kit this
7 papers
21 elements

This kit is a personal use version, for scrap 4 hire or photography business, please contact: to get your personal license.

and my 2nd item is:

Bunch of Sketches 9 - Tiny Mini 2


4 templates in PSD version
12 x 12 inches
all elements include

and now here are the inspiration:



5 of these pages are using Bunch of Sketches 9 - Tiny Mini 2


And don't forget this is the LAST DAY for your chance. Click here.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Peek a Booooo - a collab coming soon

Hi ladies!!
I will have a wonderful collab coming soon this Thursday! ;)
Guess who is she? :D

You got a chance to win this kit by posting here, and you don't have you guess it right for your chance to win it. :)
Multiply your chance to win by tweet it and @kittydesign on your twitter message, facebook, and blog it. :)

Here is the peek:

Have a wonderful day!


Monday, November 22, 2010

How to Cut a Double Page into half

Hi ladies..
there's a lady who asked how to divide the two pager to put into shutterfly online gallery.
So I decide to put it here, too. :)

Usually this is the way I divide page.

1. First open the page.
And use: Image >> Duplicate

2. Open Image >> Canvas Size

3. And then change the 1st red circle into half of the real size.
and change the 2nd red circle just like that. (move the grey square I put the red arrow to the left).

4. and you will get this:

5. Do the EXACTLY steps to the copied file, BUT move the arrow (on number 3 step) to the right instead.

I hope this is clear enough. :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Boy's Dream of Christmas + Inspire Me Album 3

Hi ladies!!
Here is my new kit:

Boy's Dream of Christmas



Every little kit has their own imagination about Christmas and gift.
And little boy has their own. How about a Santa with a flying car visiting you with your gifts?
And an angel boy flying around telling good things about you?
This Christmas kit is a dream every boy wish for.
But this is also perfect for little girls.

12 papers
1 alpha
41 elements

Coordinated with Inspire Me Album 3
a gorgeous album for your Christmas memories.

and here are some inspiration:


also check out my newest album:

Inspire Me Album 3 (Quick Pages)


Inspire Me is created for those who want to have a scrapbook style album for their photobook. The album designed with some white space so you can add your own journaling, and also big premier photo you want to showcase.

Album include:
18 quick pages in 12x12 inches

Kit used in this album are all include in:
Boy's Dream of Christmas

You can peek on this album slide show on these 18 pages here.

Click here to view this photo book.

and now.. here is the winner:

Please email me:
to claim your prize. :)


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Magical Frame 6 + Peek a Boo RAK!!

Hi ladies! :D
I have another magical stuffs hit the store.
I wish you'll gonna love it as I do!

Magical Frame 6
20% OFF just until Thursday, 18 Nov 2010


It's the time again for one of my magical collection back to the store.
And since Christmas is getting closer, my Magical Frame 6 are perfect for you to scrap a really magical page.

7 magical frames in PNG version

This overlays are coordinated with Christmas In My Heart Kit and Magic Words Overlay 3

and here is some pages.. :)


and I made one, too.. :D


and now... hmmmmm here is my kit coming soon on Thursday. :D


If u wanna win this.. just post here and multiply your chance by tweet, blog, facebook.. :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Christmas In My Heart Collection

Hi ladies!
I am hoping everyone has a great day!
Holiday is getting closer and even when it's still almost 2 months to go, Christmas seems to have shared it's spirit to me. Maybe because it is the most beautiful season I ever feel.
I adore Christmas. I love Christmas. I love how my heart full with joy everytime I hear a Christmas song.
I don't know if others.. but the spirit of Christmas constantly makes me so happy year by year. :)

And I had create a sweet magical Christmas kit for you this time.
Which I love.
And which I wish you will love it, too.
Seriously, I am excited! :D

All of these will be 20% OFF!!

Christmas In My Heart Kit



14 papers
1 alphas
52 elements

and to complete the collection, I also have...

Christmas In My Heart Quick Pages


4 quick pages, 12x12 inches, in PNG version

These quick pages are made with:

Bunch of Sketches 8 - Christmas


4 templates available in PSD version
all elements are include.

and a special Christmas edition of Magic Words Overlay. :D

Magic Words Overlay 3


7 overlays.

You can also check out my previous magic overlays if you missed them:
Magical Overlay 1
Magical Overlay 2

And of course if you wish to grab them ALL in one package with a great saving, you definitely don't wanna miss this:

Christmas In My Heart Collection


Remember all of these will be 20% OFF, that include the full collection package! :D

And now... last but not least, I wish you enjoy these inspiration, created with these collection:

A wonderful hybrid project by Madlen:
Don't you just want to have a box like this?

And another one by Tanja, she is seriously blown me away everytime with her projects!!



and other sweet and amazing inspirations:





Enjoy and be inspired!!

Oh and I almost forget, these are my last year's Christmas kit, maybe you have things you need from them. :)

Christmas Dream
Christmas Enchanted
Little Christmas Treasure - collab with Baers Garten Designs
Christmas Story - this one is $1 btw..
Winter Wish (Collab with MK Designs)

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