Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Retrolicious More Inspiration

Hi ladies!
Here are more inspiration using Retrolicious Kit!

by Lucie


by Juhh

also use: Bunch of Sketches 7

by me (yupe, I scrap!)


and by Monicca


Enjoy and hope you will inspired!


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Retrolicious Collection

Hi ladies!
Time for me to post the collection and inspiration! :)

I have a bunch of stuffs!
And I make a great bundle together for a $6 save just until Thursday, Sept 30, 2010!

Retrolicious Collection


Include in this kit are:

Retrolicious Kit


A kit with natural sweet pastel colors.

12 papers (2 solids, 6 patterns, 4 whimsical)
40 elements

and the inspiration:



also check out this amazing CD calender by Tanja:


she made the whole year callender, you should check out here. :)

Retrolicious Kit also coordinated with:

Bunch of Sketches 7 - Retrolicious


4 template available in PSD and TIFF layered version

and the inspiration:


and last but not least:

Retrolicious Quick Pages


4 quick pages, 12x12 inches
created with Retrolicious Kit.

Have fun and have a blessed day!
Don't forget the 20% OFF are only until Thursday, 30 Sept 2010!!


Are You a Stranger Like Me?

While I really want to post an inspiration about my new kit and collection, I feel so strong in my heart to post something that cross my mind since yesterday after hours when I met my cousins and big family.

I wanna share this page.

Credits: Retrolicious Kit, Bunch of Sketches 7

Since I was young I always though I am a stranger in this weird world, while I think this feeling will gone away one day, it never does. But what change is the way I accept this, and the understanding that I have met lots of other strangers that had become very tsrong and even stronger that lots of other person I know that claim themself normal. The understanding that it’s ok become a stranger because God loves me and I am special in His Eyes. Are you a stranger like me? Don’t worry, God loves you, and we are not alone. :)

Again, are you a stranger like me?
You might not realize that you are stronger that you though.
But, again.. do you ever talk to God that you don't want to be a strong person, you just wanna be happy.
I do. I said that several times. and I also hear those words coming from other "strangers".

But here this a good news for all of us:

King James Bible, Ephesians 2:19
Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellowcitizens with the saints, and of the household of God;

In God, you are not a stranger.
In God, you are special and just that: SPECIAL, and no one just like you.
In God, He will never compare you to others.
In God, He loves you with no reason
In God, you are His adorable baby
In God, He see your heart, not your outlook
In God, you are an apple of His Eyes

The world might not understand the way you think, and you might not understand the way the world "think and works".
But it doesn't matter again. Because He loves us. And we loves Him. And that is the only thing that matter. and the promise that He WILL NEVER ever leave us. NEVER.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Hi ladies!!
Thank u so much for all the sweet comments! :D
The kit is up and revealed: Retrolicious Kit and you can also get the whole collection.
I am a little busy now, I will post the kit and inspiration later, but just wanna shout the winner first! :D

congratulation, Isabel! :D
Please email me:
and I will send you the coupon!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cousin's Wedding

So, I am just back from my cousin's wedding.
So tired and it's pretty late at night now. But what makes me happy with family wedding is have a short but fun chit chat with sisters. I am the youngest btw.

Here are just few shots! :)


Ok.. nite nite everyone. :)
I will have bunch of stuffs tomorrow.
And don't forget you got a chance to win my coming soon kit tomorrow by post: click here.


Peek a Boo Rak - Retrolicious

Hi ladies!!
I am in a hurry and sorry for being late again to post this. My cousin getting married today, so we all are very busy. :)
You got ONLY ONE DAY for the chance to get this kit for free, coming soon tomorrow (Monday).
So hurry up!!

Here is the peek:


Multiply your chance by tweet, blogged, or facebook-ed this, and come back to post here. :)

Have a great day and be blessed!!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Double Shot Sketches 5 + Album 5 + Winner

Hi ladies!!
Thank u so much for all the sweet comments. :D
And now.. here is the sketches and album collection and both will be 30% OFF until weekend!!

Double Shot Sketches 5
all elements in this preview are include. :)


Include are:

10 double pages template (24x12 inches) + 2 single template (12x12)
*which means you got 22 templates in 12x12 inches
available in PSD Version

*everything in the preview include*
10 papers: 4 solids, 1 whimsical, 5 patterns
1 whimsical stem leaves
1 big tag
2 bunch of word tag
1 tag
3 whimsical tittle tag
1 whimsical frame
1 ribbon
1 bunch of paper roses
1 bunch of leaves
2 stamp frames
1 "treasure" word
1 "heart you" word
1 heart
1 "i love you forever" word art
few spreading dots

and if you prefer an easier way, check out this:

Double Shot Album 5


This is a collection of double pager templates:
Include are:
10 double pages quick pages (24x12 inches)
*which means you got 20 quick pages in 12x12 inches

1 front quick page
1 introduction page
1 back quick page

Don't forget to check out the inspiration in slide show here:

See the slide show here!

Uploaded with

Not to wait any longer..
the winner is:

Which fall to:

Congrats, Sandra!! :D
Please email me at
and I will send you the coupon for winning the: Double Shot Sketches 5

Have fun and be inspired!
Have a blessed day!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Double Shot 5 Give Away

Hi ladies!! :)
I have an album + sketches coming soon tomorrow.
Originally created for my client.

Here is the peek:

Click here to view this photo book.

If u wanna win this, please post here and let me know which one you prefer, album or sketches.
This will only be a 1 day chance. So, don't miss it.
And as always, multiply your chance by posting to Facebook, Twitter, and blog.
Come back and re-post your link. :)
For twitter, always write @kittydesign so I can tract your tweet!

Have fun!!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010


It's been awhile when I scrap for myself.
I do scrap sometimes, once in awhile. But almost never for my own. I do it for friends and family, but rarely scrap myself and Ruel.

This long holiday, I spend a lot of time with Ruel.
I almost don't have time for myself, and definitely no working time -at-all-. But in the other hand I am so happy to spend time with my Ruel and we are getting closer to each other.

I take a little time of my holiday to scrap this page:


This page also spotlighted at Gallery Standout blog.

It's me and Ruel at Zenbu restaurant. Our whole big family is there to eat some yummy Japanese food.

I am using my kit: Ordinary



which was my previous kit at Scrapbookgraphics, I just bring it back to Oscraps.

Well.. I am still stuck with holiday spirit and I wish I can get back to routine, soon. :)

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Purpose of Your Life on a Starbuck's cup

Do you ever feel bored of your life and kinda lost your purpose?
Honestly I feel it today. But maybe it start since weeks ago while I work and work and work all the time to help filling the cup in my family. And I somehow lost my relationship with God slowly. Which I regret and I wish God will lead my way again.
But again, even when we sleep, God never sleep and never let us go too far.
Today when I open my twitter, I found this:


Which is originally posted here by Rick Warren.
If you are a twitter user, and you love reading inspiring life words in such a deadly world, you should follow him:

I hope this little words can lift your spirit up today.
And I hope the light of the Lord shine your way every step of your life. (which I really wish in my own step right now).

Sunday, September 19, 2010

LO of the Week

Hi ladies!
I have a busiest weeks in my whole year this time.
And while I have few minutes spare time.. I found this beautiful page by EHStudios

Last a LifeTime


The simplicity, elegant, and clean feeling really amazed me.
And it just makes my heart happy to see her beautiful creation with my kit: Little Kathleen.


If you have a little time today, just come and visit her gallery to leave her love.
Hope this can inspired you today.

Hugs and have a blessed day!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Whimsical Sketches 6 and Inspiration

Hi ladies!!
First of all I wanna say thank you for all who visiting my blog.
This is a place where I share about my products, a bit about my life, a bit about the way I think, and a bit about the world in my point of view.

This time I wanna share about an album I just finished, and ready to print tomorrow.
I finally manage to finished a book for my niece, Kathleen.
And I can't wait to have the printed version ready and give it to my brother's family.

This is a book about little Kathleen, who is almost 9 months now, and it's the first time we (my family) met her, since they live at different island. And I am so glad. Ruel also falling in love with his little sister.

The supplies I use for this project is Whimsical Sketches 6. (notes: there's 4 pages that is not include in the Whimsical Sketches 6)

Enjoy the slide show:

Click here to view this photo book.

PS: I kinda abuse One Little Bird's Abide kit. it's amazing, you should check it out. Album combined with Pure Cuteness (my kit) - recolored to baby pink-blueish colors.

Hope you will enjoy the inspiration and start to make your own book. (share with me when you did! I will so happy to see it)
And thank you for all the comment, I always so happy to read your thoughts.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Whimsical Sketches 6 + Pure Cuteness & Winner

Hi ladies!!
Today I have 2 new stuffs, and both coordinated!!
Definitely can make an awesome album together.
First of all, here is the reveal of the previous peek:

Pure Cuteness
20% OFF today until Saturday




and you also get a FREE quick page with purchase:


created with my own page for Ruel.

This kit was inspired while I am watching my son, Ruel's act and laughter and the way he response to things. And I believe every children are pure of cutesy!
This kit dedicated for all children.

11 papers
47 elements
1 FREE Quick page

This kit is personal use only.
Contact me for scrap 4 hire license:

and here are some inspiration you can see for ideas:



I am truly blessed to have all my team create such an amazing inspiration pages all the time!

And not only that, Tanja, my hybrid team also create this super, seriously super!, cute stuffs with this kit. Do you see the necklase? Oh I so want it!!


and omg that butterfly serious....!!


and the other one which is my fave product as well is:

Whimsical Sketches 6
I seriously enjoy creating this. And I always include few papers that I believe can complete this pack.
30% OFF until Saturday
available in TIFF & PSD version.


Get inspired and created a beautiful & whimsical album for all your captured memory.

Include are:
16 templates in TIFF version
4 papers: 3 pattern, 1 solids
4 whimsical shape
2 stamp/brush
2 heart
1 "memory" hand writing word
1 "our story" type writer word
1 bracket
1 whimsical note
1 love flower whimsical shape
1 swirly stem dots
1 stitches
1 staple

I am so hope u feel inspired to create the best memory for your beloved one!!

And now, not to wait more longer..
HERE is the winner of Pure Cuteness kit:

which fall to:

congrats, nie!!
Please post here your email or email me at: to claim your kit!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pure Cuteness Peek + Random Give Away

Hi sweet ladies!!
Today another chance to grab my coming soon kit is open:


You can share me about what makes u smile about your children today or yesterday.
You can also tweet & facebook-ed, or blogged about this to multiply your chance to win.

Here is the page I made with this coming soon kit:


It's about Ruel's personality and how much I love him.

This kit will be up this Thursday, so use this chance fast!! :)

Good luck, everyone!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Scraplift Challenge Winner

Hello friends,
You sure made it hard to pick a winner for this challenge.  Thank you all so much for participating and your beautiful pages.  Our team had a very hard time choosing one winner but here it is, Olga with her gorgeous page, The Journey.  

Congratulations Olga!  I'll be getting in touch with you soon.  Kitty has a special prize for you :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Double Shot Sketches 4 + Winner

Hi ladies!!
Now here is the:

Double Shot Sketches 4
Lots of stuffs and papers include in this pack, so it's a steal, as it was originally made for my best friend's wedding book.


This is a collection of double pager templates:
Include are:

10 double pages template (24x12 inches) + 2 single template (12x12)
*which means you got 22 templates in 12x12 inches
available in PSD & TIFF Version

Include are:
8 papers: 6 pattern + 2 solid
1 stamp frame
1 heart frame
1 newspaper frame
1 ribbon
2 hearts
1 damask
1 stitches
1 red bubble talk
1 butterflies
2 whimsical tag: "twogetherness", "true love"
1 bracket
1 spreading dots
1 word art

Click here to see the slide show:


and now here is the winner:

which fall to:

congrats, DiSailsToo!!
please email me at to claim your code, or post your email here!

I hope you enjoy the templates as I do.


Ruel and Ice Cream

A week ago, 29 August 2010, our family visit Plaza Indonesia and eat at Secret Recipe Resto.
Not a place that we go often, but we have an art project there, I will update it once it officially launched, but anyway Ruel is happy because he got to eat ice cream. He is in a diet since his tummy become so big lately, but Secret Recipe gave us a free ice cream for a child under ten. And it's Ruel's luck. :)


Well as you can see in all the pics. He is extremely happy.

Anyway lately I got few things bugging me.
My photo and illustration got stolen few times lately, and used by few people that I don't know at all.
Just wanna kindly remind that every images here should not be used without permission. ;)

Oops, today is the last chance to get my sketches coming soon posted here.
Also the announcement of the Scraplift challenge will be Tuesday. See u then and stay tunned. More new stuffs and give aways coming.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Double Shot Sketches 4 coming soon + Give Away {CLOSE}

I had finished another book, this time is not for client, but my personal book for my best friend. :)
I had made this into sketches.
The sketches will include ribbons, tab, heart, bubble talk, and stitches that shown in the album, plus 8 extra papers.

Click here to view this photo book.

So if you wanna win it, come here to post and double up the chance by posting to twitter, blog, or facebook, and come back here for another post.

This will be up on Monday. :)


PS: {CLOSE} and winner announced here.
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