Monday, September 6, 2010

Ruel and Ice Cream

A week ago, 29 August 2010, our family visit Plaza Indonesia and eat at Secret Recipe Resto.
Not a place that we go often, but we have an art project there, I will update it once it officially launched, but anyway Ruel is happy because he got to eat ice cream. He is in a diet since his tummy become so big lately, but Secret Recipe gave us a free ice cream for a child under ten. And it's Ruel's luck. :)


Well as you can see in all the pics. He is extremely happy.

Anyway lately I got few things bugging me.
My photo and illustration got stolen few times lately, and used by few people that I don't know at all.
Just wanna kindly remind that every images here should not be used without permission. ;)

Oops, today is the last chance to get my sketches coming soon posted here.
Also the announcement of the Scraplift challenge will be Tuesday. See u then and stay tunned. More new stuffs and give aways coming.



Meg B. said... Best Blogger Tips

Aw, such a cutie!!

I know what you mean about works getting stolen -- I've been dealing with it non-stop this last year. Good luck!

Monika said... Best Blogger Tips

Wonderful photos,sweetie!!
Love them!!


Denise said... Best Blogger Tips

Ruel is such a cutie. I'm so sorry you had someone swipe your images. It would be great if people were to ask because most of the time, designers will say yes depending on what the person wants to do with them.

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