Monday, February 25, 2008


Lately there's so many problems happen in my family but me & DH are getting better in accepting it. Scrapping and 'blinking' are my therapy.
Sometimes I still wonder if this is a right choice for me to join a shop. But I try.. I try..

just email my designers about why I am not so active this month. and got a quick reply from Annie. she is such a sweetheart.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

{we are} story tellers

I just decide to create a blog. I am not so good in blogging so I really wish that I can keep this blog update at least.. once a week? Hehehe..

2 days ago I just accept an invitation to sell blinkie and banner at {we are} story tellers after think about it hardly and lots of discussion with DH. I never think I will sell something at a store, I am a pure scrapper, sometimes create QPs but don't have any commitment at any store for selling and probably a bit freak of commitment, but this time I take my step after I got my DH's support.

This is actually not the 1st time I got an invitation to sell blinkie/banner, but last time DH don't give a support (and also don't say no, just a silent reaction) and I myself not ready to do that since we have some family things that need to fix first, these last months probably is the hardest time in my life. So I decide not to accept that. But then everything getting better. and here I am now.

Now again about {we are} story tellers.
The concept of the store really amazed me and I think it's pretty different than any other store I heard before. I especially love the store's name: {we are} story tellers.
Don't you think that all of us actually are a story teller? and that every day we are building memories by scrapping. There are memories, prayer, hope, dreams, love, even tears in our pages and YES, that's true, we are story tellers!
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