Tuesday, February 28, 2012

You Alone Collection, Life Tale Sketches 6

Hi ladies!
I have a new collection for you, this time include Life Tale Sketches 6. :)

Worth:  $37.4 | Now: $26.8
and if you are a subscriber, you got extra disc! 

with FREE Tab collection with purchase
Worth: $37.4


  • You Alone Goodies - 40+ elements
  • You Alone Papers - 14 papers
  • You Alone Twiddlerish - 7 flourish swirls
  • Touch of Magic You Alone - 7 magical goodies
  • Life Tale Sketches - 7 papers, 20 templates
  • You Alone Tab - 20 tabs - FREE WITH PURCHASE 

You can also got a single pack of each, except for the tabs, which only available in the collection bundle. :)

7 papers + 20 templates

and here are other goodies available in single pack:

More inspiration:

Hope you enjoy it! :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Splatterish Add On + Win $10 to my store

Hello ladies!
I am still in love with Splatterish, so I decide to add more goodies to complete it! :D
These add on will on sale + extra 10% OFF for subscriber. :)

Check out few inspiration from me (Kitty), Madlen, and Kerstin:

and a new Magic Sketch 3
what I love with this template is it's sooo easy to use. :)

Inspiration by me, Angela, Kerstin

extra credits: Magical Moments kit

And check this out:

Leave at least 3 comments at my Oscraps Gallery, come back and post the link to Kitty Designs Fan Page right under the "post". You can multiply your chance by commenting more.
Will close this on Friday, 24 Feb 2012.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


While I really want to post BALI CRUSH | Day 3 and 4, I believe I can't ignore posting my newest kit, since the inspiration really blown me away!! These girls at my team surely amazed me again & again! And how fun seeing one kit scrapped differently!

So, here is my newest kit:

Love is about magic! Splatterish is a love kit with paint & magical feel in it!

Include are various lovely and sweet elements:

12 papers
40+ elements

by Angela, Christine, Re Sales, Kerstin, Kerstin, Mi Monteiro, Susanne, Janett, Sasha, Ana, Sandra, Sanka

And more inspiration below is for Heart Sprinkles Kit, Dust, and Add On 
These are also my fave collection! :D

by Sandra, Gabi, Joyce, and both at the bottom by Kerstin

 This is all for today! :D
All of these are still on sale until end of this week, so hurry up before the sale ends!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bali Crush | Day 1 & 2

So... I just back from Bali!
And that place is really one of the most beautiful place with amaaaazing beach here and there.
With lots of amazing art!

Me & family were there for some working purpose.. but since the client is also my high school best friend, we pretty much spend some holiday time, too.


This is Pantai Kuta Bali, well known for it's sunset view. :) 
The other kid is my best friend's son: Sloan Tambunan

and this is pretty much part of my work, taking a photograph for a cobra snake. It's not dangerous as I took it behind a glass. Although I was a little bit scared at 1st, and the snake try to attack us, but of course they hit the glass instead. However I think their faces looks kind and pretty instead of scary. Deadly pretty. :p



And this is Uluwatu, my Day 2 at Bali.
People came here to see gorgeous view, monkey, and pura.
We can't use ear rings or open our bags carelessly as the monkey will try really hard to steal your goods. Sloan wear a red sandal and the monkey try several times to stole it.
At Bali, if you see a sculpture covered with fabric, it means there's a spirit living inside it.

The 2nd monkey is the one who try to stole Sloan's sandal. But we stole it back. :D

Planet of the Apes.. wkwkwkw..

See the purple fabric we wear? It's not a decoration. We have to wear it to that place to respect the pura. I don't really understand the meaning though.

Ok, that is Day 1 and Day 2. :) I will be back with the other day later with more amazing Bali art!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Heart Sprinkles + Add On Bundle

Happy Thursday everyone!
I hope everyone still excited!

Today I am bringing you back my previous kit + dust released at TLP, Nov-Dec 2011.
Please check your stash before purchasing. :)

Both the previous release will be on 20% OFF until end of this week.
And I also bring you an extra add on, as bundle and single release.
Subscriber will get an extra 10% OFF!

Worth: $14 | Now: $9.75
 Include in this add on bundle you got:

one of the product: Tied Up Banner
are actually match the colors of: Heart Sprinkles, Click A Love


My previous collab with Leora Sanford are still on sale! :D
Check out more inspiration:

 Have fun scrapping!!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Flight Tag Freebie

Hi everyone!
Happy Valentine day! ♥ 
I hope this gonna be a beautiful lovely day for everyone! :D
Me and DH never celebrate Valentine specially, but we always try to make everyday as Valentine as we can be. :)

Anyway, next Thursday night, me and family will fly again out of town.
Not a "real" vacation travel. My hubby, Ricks have a meeting there with a client, but me and Ruel decide to go with him for a weekend "short holiday", so Ruel will skip the school on Friday and Monday.

As always Ruel loves to write a creative letter. He had been bugging me everyday that he wants a letter with his hand drawn.

You probably had seen his previous letter blogged: here
So I decide to make it a little different.

Ruel draw the aeroplane and the word: Bali - of course
And yes, we are going to BALI!! I never go there since 12 years old, so I am ALL EXCITED!!!

Here is what I prepare, I print everything I need on an Ink Jet Paper with Epson Printer.

Cut them and add some dimension before double-taped them.
Add a ribbon that match the colors and stapled it to the paper.

And here is the result:

Kit I use in this project is: Flight.

And just for fun, I am giving a way a template for this tag if any of you interested to make one. :)
If you just want the digital version, I also include it in the download.

Grab the freebie here:
You don't need to "purchase" it, just simply scroll down to download. :)
And if you grab the freebie, please kindly leave me a note here.

Have fun!

PS: A valentine day with non Valentine freebie? Only at Kitty Designs. LOL!! 


FLIGHT TAG FREEBIE comment replies:
thaaaanks for all the replies.. and support! u girls are amazing!!!

Katie's Nesting Spot
Thanks very much, we're flying for the first time with kids at the end of the month and this is perfect! 
have fun & safe trip!! it will be an amazing experience for kids! :D
that plane is adorable - i love kid's drawings (they're generally better than mine!).

thanks for the freebie - and the language work-out (saya belajar bahasa indonesia banyak tahun yang lalu... ;) ).

woww hahahaa.. I rarely heard people learn Bahasa Indonesia.. belajar darimana dan untuk apa? :D

BALI - gosh, could you take me along too?? That would be a trip of a lifetime for me! You will have to tell us all about it when you return. I love your idea of writing about the trip to his teacher. Very creative! Thank you for the ticket template, I will use it!

you shooould come!!
I adore your design and love all that your creative mind comes up with!
Bali? I hear it's boring... LoL ;-P

thank u... hehe..  I think Bali is well known for the beach and traditional art, so it could be boring for those who are not interested with them. One of my friend has no interest with Bali as well.. Hehe.. Don't have as much mall as Jakarta, too. But since I get bored with mall, and I love beach, Bali pretty much good for me. And of course art are always good for my eye. We can't find a beach like that at place we live here. :D 

Wishes Wings Collaboration with Leora Sanford

Hi ladies!
Horaay to the new exciting Monday! Are you enjoy your weekend?
Weekend always walk too fast for me. :D

Today I have a collaboration with the amazing Leora Sanford!
I truly love her gorgeous design style!

It comes out as a bundle and single version.
And if you are a subscriber for me & Leora, you can get an extra 10% OFF

Include in this bundle:

Some single release this week:

colors are coordinated with Wishes Wings
but also neutral for any kind of pages

and an amazing Magic Sketch 2

Do you know that now you can purchase the whole February Daily Tale in one huge saving?
save almost 50% OFF the original price by becoming a subscriber with extra 10% OFF

This February Bundle Pack include 28 templates 24x12 inches
*which means: 56 templates if you count it as 12x12
worth: $55.72
with a special bundle price: $39
and will be on a special sale ONLY until end of February

By purchasing this pack you will got a February 2012 Daily Tale templates that existing now {Template 1-13} and a coupon to purchase the rest of February 2012 Daily Tale that will come from 1 February until at least 1st week of March.

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