Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thomas the Tank Engine

Have you read CNN today? :)
very interesting!

(CNN) -- Thomas the Tank Engine, whose television adventures on the fictional island of Sodor have delighted children around the world for years, is now on a real-life mission to help kids with autism.

The steam locomotive and his friends are the stars of a new game in Australia, designed to help autistic children recognize emotions.

Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect), a nonprofit that provides services to people diagnosed with the developmental disorder, unveiled the game on its Web site Tuesday.

The game asks players to recognize which engine has a sad face, or which is happy or angry.

Children with autism often have a difficult time distinguishing different facial expressions.

Each time a child plays the game, he/she is presented with a different sequence of emotions. In doing so, the game takes advantage of the single-mindedness of autistic children to assist in their development.

"It's a great way to help develop social and communication skills," said Anthony Warren of Aspect.

A study conducted in the United Kingdom found that autistic children were far more fascinated by the television series, "Thomas and Friends," than they were with other fictional characters.

The study, by the National Autistic Society, summarized that the show held such appeal because of the clear facial expressions of the characters, the pacing of the program and the easy-to-follow story lines.

"We got those results down here, and we thought, how could we leverage that strength and give a little back to the community?" said Tom Punch with Haven Licensing, the company that handles licensing for the characters in Australia.

Warren said one of the reasons Thomas is particularly stimulating and motivating for children with autism is that it's very predictable.

"Children can understand the clear visual messages -- the big smile on the front of the engine," he said. "The messages it communicates are very concrete, not abstract. And the emotions are primary emotions. It's uncomplicated."

Autism is a developmental disorder that affects physical, social and language skills. It usually appears before age 3, though the earliest signs are subtle.

More doctors and researchers are referring to "autism" as "autisms," because each child's case is different, as are the causes, helpful therapies and potential treatments.

The Australian nonprofit unveiled the game this month to coincide with Autism Awareness Month in that country.

After all, as the show's theme song attests: "Red and green and brown and blue; They're the really useful crew."

taken from here: CNN NEWS

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Artistic Town

Hi girls,
happy Tuesday!
I have a new kit for you!

Artistic Town
and it's 20% OFF now! :)




A whimsical kit for your creative mind, to scrap your beautiful memories!

12 papers
2 pack of alpha & numbers
48 elements

and here are some inspiration for you!



Hope u have a wonderful day! :D
Happy scrapping!


Monday, May 11, 2009

Explore Your World

Hi girls,
today I have a new kit at Oscraps. :)
A kit with boy's adventure, but of course if you have girls who love transportation stuffs you can use it too. :)

Explore Your World
use this code: 20ExploreKittyD
to get 20% off, only available until Tuesday.



10 papers
1 pack of alpha
more than 60 elements

and here are some inspiration for you:



Hope you enjoy it! :)
Happy Monday and happy scrapping!


Winner for $5 GC!

Hi girls!
Here are the winner for $5 GC, randomly picked from the comments on my previous blog. :)

Joy Kuoha

I will email you soon with the coupon. :)


Monday, May 4, 2009

My email address change.

Hi girls,
I am having trouble with my old email and change it to:

meanwhile u can still get a GC by leaving a note in my previous blog post.
Have a wonderful day! :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Little Surprise and my Guest Designer Spot

Yupe, I am a guest designer a After Five Designs. :)

Check of 2 of my stuffs there which is still 20% OFF now!

Whisper of The Dream



Magical Words 4


The party is over at Oscraps. :)
HOWEVER I still have a little surprise for you.
For my blog reader..
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Happy weekend!


Saturday, May 2, 2009

I remember one thing

Few days ago I chat with my best friend.
And she said 1 thing:

"We can not make everyone loves u, no matter how nice we are, how much we appreciate people, how much we care, etc etc ... but if our friends who knows us loves us, that is enough."

And I believe it's true.

Both in digi land and real life, I do my best to appreciate people, and never do something in purpose to disturb other people's feeling. Still it's impossible to make everyone loves you.

Jesus do the best and sacrifice His life, and still people who hate Him lining up.

Therefore, just to avoid enemies.. I am not gonna be somebody else, who doesn't care to other people, who don't say thank you, who don't appreciate people, but I will be myself, because I know I am comfortable with who I am, and I will love people with my way to express it. :)

Bless you everyone and happy weekend!

Friday, May 1, 2009

You Are Not Alone

1 month ago, we - all the Indonesian digi scrapper was shocked by a news Anna told us. She had been quit scrapping for awhile and we heard nothing from her. One of us being told that she is having a big problem and we didn't know what. In the end she told all of us that she had been diagnosed by breast cancer and been really depressed for her condition, but she finally accept what happen to her and let every of us know. She told us to be careful of this as cancer doesn't know age.

Her story makes every of us shock and sad. It brought tears in our eyes. And finally we decide to gather and make a collaboration for us to help her pay all the bills she needs for her health condition.

SBG designers and some of designer Anna CT for also sit together with us and manage a very beautiful collaboration for you.

And for our wonderful friend and also sister: Anna..

here is the kit for you, with all of our heart.
We love you, sister.. jeng Anna! :)

You Are Not Alone
(YOU WILL NEVER BE ALONE, so don't be afraid, jeng.. we will always support you!)
This kit will be sold at: Shabby Pickle Designs & ScrapbookBytes


"When the sun is shining and the bird is chirping
I hold you dear ...
When the flower is flourishing and the butterfly is fluttering
I dwell upon you ...
When the bow resemblanced and the embellishment shaped
I wrap my love for you

For you are not alone
That I treasure you,
That I embrace you"

~ by Winnie Wang ~

Collaboration Kit Contains:
86 papers, 3 pack of alphas, 2 templates, 1 shadow style, 280 elements

26 designers that contribute in alphabetical order:

Indonesian Designers
Armina Designs (SBB), Charlize Creation (NDISB), Edeline Designs (SPD), Eirene70 (DSB), Kitty Designs (Oscraps), Shien Designs (DC), Silversworld71 (SPD)

Studio Girls (SBG):
Baers Garten, Berna Datema, Birgit Kerr, Bluebell Design, Coralie, em-ka Designs, Flergs, Glam Fairy, Helene Douchet, Line Design, Lorie Davison, Maya, mgl Scraps, ON Designs, Wendyzine Scraps, Ziska

SPD Designers:
Jofia Designs, Megan Fisher Designs

Quickpage/Bragbook Artists:
Armina, Becky Cutshaw, Eirene, Indah, Jule, Novita, Shien

We also create this very huge collection of quick pages:

You Are Not Alone Quick Pages

contain 33 QPs.


and our wonderful scrapper and quick pages artist Novita: also create this beautiful brag book:

You Are Not Alone Brag Book


and I also create a quick page for you. :)


If you download please leave a message here.

And don't forget, on 6th May, you can check WINNIE's Blog to get another QP freebie. :)

Hugs and lots of love,
on behalf 26 designers who contribute
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