Thursday, February 25, 2010


This gonna be my last post of the day before I sleep and off for 3 days.

Today in the cell group we learn about prayer.

click the image to download the 300 DPI one version in 5 minutes. :)

Just to make it simple as I am pretty sleepy now..

There's 2 questions asked:
1. What is prayer for us?
2. Why we need to pray?

God listen to our prayer.
And He has 3 answers for us:
1. Yes
2. No (God has a better answer)
3. Not Yet (His time is not our time, and His time is beautiful)
We can easily accept the "yes" answer, but we hardly can accept the word "no" and "not yet". What we need to do is trusting that God knows better than us, to give the right answer for every of our prayers.

How to make God listen to our prayer?
1. Faith, believe in Him
2. Pray like what He wants, not what we wants
3. Do the right things (based on His Words)

I learn today that: God wants me to believe in Him, to pray like what He wants, and to do the right things.
And I need to trust Him with prayer for every single things that I do, including designing in this scrapbook world.
And I need to believe in Him that He will leads my way.

I realize that I am not depending on Him in every decision that I make. But He wants me to communicate with Him even for the simplest things in my life (like maybe the color of my next kit? :) - as simple as that). I realize that I tend to do things like what "I want" before asking Him, and when I hit the stone, I then remember that I forget to asked Him before.
These things I should change start from N O W.

I has a big empathy person, easily touch by people's kindness, easily sad while hearing bad news. Easily happy for other people's happiness, and blue as I heard on sad news even things that's not related to me at all. But I do know I am not "hard to teach".
That makes me need to depend on God more about my heart.

Tomorrow I am up for holiday with few families.
I do wish tomorrow I can walk with God even in the holiday. And that God will talk to me more about my faith.

Hugs to you all!

Off for 3 days.

Start from tomorrow, I will be off for 3 days, so if you contact me, please be patient. :)

The Boys and The Winner is...

Hi sweet ladies!!
Finally, here is my boys kit!! :D I really having fun creating these and looooving the result!! :)

The Boys
17% OFF now!



A new fun and adventure kit for boys, really fun and cute!

9 papers
2 pack of alphas
more than 50 elements

and here are some inspiration from my team! ;)

created by Mel!


by Gabi Gatchal


and this is by Vanessa! :)


and the random winner of my previous blog posts are:

Please leave me your email here. :)
And please wait a bit longer before you get the coupon, because I am off for vacation for 3 days. :D Congrats and I wish you will love it!!

Thank you sooo much for your sweet comments for my son and my kit.
I really happy reading it and makes me smile all the time.
I wish you to have a beautiful blessed and happy day!!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

About Ruel and a Peek a Boo RAK.. ;) {CLOSED}

Hi ladies!!
Thank you so much for your sweet comments on Ruel's art, really makes me happy.. so happy.. Thanks for let me share some of my happiness..

And I had answer some question in my comment box but just incase you don't read..

For those who questioned why his therapies won't let him learn drawing (Denise and TeenaBugg38), yes Ruel has PDD NOS (pervasive development disorder - not other specific), it's under DSM IV category, under the autism spectrum. Even though you can hardly recognize him when you met him, unless you are a mother of child with special needs, which will train your eyes to be easily recognize children with the same spectrum as your children. :) In other words, he is very very mild, after 2 years therapy.

, what is your blog? I would like to read your story, too, if you write them at your blog. :)

(Well I think I wanna write his story one day)

He has a really high imagination, sometimes kinda vivid, and his therapies afraid that drawing class can make his imagination goes wider (and maybe wilder? :P ). But really I don't really get it either if that can makes a big deal. So I just follow my mother instinct to just go for it. ;)

And all.................., thank u sooooooo much, it makes my cheek bloom now. LOL.

I was thinking about the little drum, too, but since I not an expert in music (I do play guitar but autodidact - so I have no basic at all), so I kinda confuse how to teach him. But maybe I can just do it for fun, right? Just for him to understand this.

Anyway, today Ruel was absent from school because of cough, flu, and vomit yesterday. Well.. no fever but the weather is totally bad bad bad lately, and many children got cough, too, and his class, so I decide to take him a break and take a rest at home.

We are doing a drawing activity. He wanna draw his go-kart but it's actually too complicated for a 3 year, but well.. he insist and ok.. let's do it I think. Even though we change some of the colors. Especially the "black" color. I wanna teach him to avoid black, silver, and gold color 1st as it's tend to make the overall art "die", unless he already an expert on it (well hope you understand what I mean - my English is limited). :P

This was the latest creative progress.
Well NO we are not drawing on the bed. We do all on the table, just the latest touch. Hehehe.. This is when I tought it was finished already then I realize he haven't give the finishing touch (the sky), so I am giving him the book and asked him to give the finishing touch, and he did that.


ops.. this is how the go-kart looks like:
This photo was taken Sept 11, 2009 - Friday. The 1st time we bough it. :) Just wanna show you how the go-kart looks like.


and here is the latest result. :)


the "yellow" was changed to red. It's what he wants.
But the black wheel and steering wheel is what I asked him to change the colors. Red is also his choice.
Others are all his choice of colors.


He wasn't looking at the camera, since there's a dog show on TV while I took the photo. :)

That's our activity today. :)

Anyway.. now this is the other thing I wanna share with you. :)
I am opening another Peek-a-Boo-RAK!!
The theme is BOYS BOYS BOYS! :D


So just leave me something here and you can win it.

Just a note, since I will be off for holiday - it's my 1st vacation after 5 years.. :) , after I post the winner I will be off for 3 days with no internet, so you need to wait a bit longer before you got the coupon. :)

Don't forget to check back here for the winner!

Have a blessed and haaaaappy day!!


PS: CLOSED and winner posted! :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ruel's Art Works

Today I wanna share about Ruel's art work. :)
Because of his interest of drawing, I really want to put him to a kiddie art class once a week to learn drawing with a right way.
But however his therapies won't allowed it and say that it's not good for him. I don't know the reason is like he will has a wilder imagination, sensory seeking things, etc.
The class suggested for him is music class: drum.
However his feet is still too short for drum class, after asking from my friend who has master degree of drum.
And I really confuse of what to do. Drum is for 6 years, and Ruel is 3 years.

However, finally this year I decide to insist put him to the art class, as he really love it, and I think it will be good for him (mother instict maybe? Hope it is right).. If not I can always take him out from the class. Or if he hates it, then I will stop it. :)

Well you will know that whatever the result, I will think that as the most beautiful art ever born in the world. Hehhehe...

This is his 1st hand drawn, 18 Feb 2010 - Thursday, at the class.
Really cute big bird. Hehee..


and this is the 2nd one. :)
Yesterday, 22 Feb 2010 - Thursday.



So far when I asked the teacher, she said that he loves it.
And it is so far so good. :) And I really love to see his hand drawn.
So I am happy for it. :D

Well.. music class should wait. Maybe at least when he is 4? :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Embrace Kit and Winner

Hi ladies!!
Thank you so much for your contribution on my previous blog post!!

Here are the revealed of the kit! :D




This kit was inspired when I am thinking of a sweet embrace, a gentle love, and a heart who cares about other people. When creating this, I am thinking of people that I love. I hope this kit can be used to scrap your heart out.

9 papers
1 pack of alpha and numbers
more than 40 elements

and I scrap a page with my friend's dd again: Shane. :)


and some from my teams.. ;)



And NOW...
Here are the winner of my Embrace Kit:

17 Newtty
9 Ree-Ree
33 Miranda Buijs

Congrats to all and don't forget to leave your email addy here!!

I hope you have a wonderful day full with love every where!
Bless you and your family!!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

A little interuption bla bla from me. ;)

Beautiful and beautiful share, everyone!!
Right now I had read from post 1 to 12 (Natascha to Gabi). And I had been touched for such a simple words but strong expression from you. Keep on posting, it does bless me and I know others, too!

Looking at our boy's eye just when he woke up like Maygirl said.. and falling inlove again with tiny little children like Ree-Ree said... I agree it.. I always amazed on how such a little children can fill our heart with such a HUGE love?

and Gabi, I feel the same with you. After I have Ricks and Ruel, Saturday and Sunday had always be my best day of the week as we can spend time together the whooole day!

But other than other beautiful love we have in our life such as family and children. There's also another love that not less beautiful than that, a love that we earn from sacrifice, learn to understand, learn to forgive, learn to accept. A love for others that maybe "not worth" to be loved. As none of us are even worth to be loved as we all covered by sin, yet God's agape love make it transformed to be a human who give His life for us. :)

I read a beautiful book named: The Wednesday Letter.


When I 1st see this book, I only though the cover is beautiful and the story looks interesting. And since I don't have anything to read again lately, I bough the book and start reading it. Then I impressed on how love expressed SO STRONG in this book. A love than born because of a long hurtful progress yet it gave birth to happiness and unity.

It's not only a romantic book, it said a words that I never forget:

Because God forgive, then we have no choice, instead of to forgive.

Those words dancing on my head until today since I finished reading the books around 1 and half week ago. :)

And btw...

NO, the peek-a-boo RAK is still open, no winner yet. :)
I just wanna share what cross my mind now before I go to bed. :)

Go ahead and post for the chance to get my coming soon kit for free at my post below: HERE.

Hugs and have a blessed day or night!

PS: Thank u so much for the beautiful wish, too, Natascha.. and yupe I am impressed by the Sunday Service today. :D


Peek a Boo RAK - something is coming your way...

Hi ladies!!
Happy Sunday!
I hope everyone will having a beautiful day!
Today we go to Sunday service and the theme is beautiful, asking every of the church get back to the original base of Christianity: agape love. :)

And few days ago, I finally scrap again. I was having a really limited scrap time lately, but I really want to scrap my best friend's beautiful dd: Shane. So here is it:


Created with my Bird Song Kit. :)

Anyway, I am going out very soon as my parents arrived here few minutes ago.
Here I wanna show you a peek about my newest kit coming tomorrow:


Leave a comment here about everything, preferable something that related to love. :) Between you and hubby, you and children, friends, or just anything!
And I will be back later tomorrow with the random winner.
Don't forget to check back here, of course. :)


Woodland Whisper & 365 Inspirational Sketch Version 6

Hiya ladies!
I am kinda late on showing this. :)
My life get busy again and bugs bites my cable again which makes my electricity on and off. But here are my newest collection!

One of them is my collaboration with Danielle Young Designs. :D
I really LOVE how it turns out. Unusual color for me which challenging and makes me happy as I love trying new things! :)

Woodland Whisper Collab Kit



You'll dream of peaceful, whimsical layouts as you scrap with this kit as it unites the two distinct, yet compatiable, styles of Kitty Designs and Danielle Young Designs!


* 21 beautifully textured papers
* 1 jelly, floral alpha set (a-z)
* 2 basket designs (with and without racoon/mushroom inset)
* 1 bird
* 2 page border designs (with and without shadows)
* 1 flower border
* 1 colorful brush splatter
* 1 cloud shape
* 5 flower designs
* 6 frames
* 3 leaves
* 1 set of mushrooms
* 2 journaling mats
* 5 swirls
* 5 trees
* wordarts include: adorable, hoot, love, peaceful, sweetness, together, whisper
* 1 scalloped border
* 1 natural rope bow
* 1 brad
* 2 threaded buttons
* 1 scribbled doodle
* 1 set of floating leaves
* 1 woven photo mask
* 1 woven mat
* 3 chipboard owls
* 3 jelly owls
* 2 12" ribbons
* 1 12" ricrac
* 2 stitches (1 circle, 1 wave)

and here are some inspiration from my precious team! ;)



also my newest fave projects also ready for you! :)

365 Inspirational Sketch Version. 6


Available now, the 6th version of my fave template collection! It's another unique template with few elements include to make you easier choosing what elements you want. The purpose of these template are focusing to your photos as memory keeper.

So here are the version 6 of 365 Inspiration Sketch from me, which as always has journaling on them and suitable for at least 1 week project.

It has 7 template in PSD and Tiff version so if you have lots of photos, this can be used for at least a week.

This time, ALL ELEMENTS ARE INCLUDEexcept the button on template 1 and heart on template 4.

Please check every image to see how this template looks like more clearly.

For more option, you can check
365 Inspirational Sketch Ver.1
365 Inspirational Sketch Ver.2
365 Inspirational Sketch Ver.3
365 Inspirational Sketch Ver.4
365 Inspirational Sketch Ver.5

Elements include are:
(1) dot border
(1) ribbon piece
(1) doodle border
(1) mini square pattern paper
(1) hearts
(1) date tag
(1) title tag
(1) doodle stitches
(1) word tag: "little friend"

check out the additional images to see what you actually get!
For bigger images, please click the link to my product!








Hope you like it.
And please keep your eye as I will have a new Peek-A-Boo RAK coming!

Hugs and have a blessed day!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Woodland Whisper Winner

Hi ladies!!!
Thank you so much for coming here and posting, for all your sweet comments!
The kit is sold already at Oscraps!

Woodland Whisper

I will post about it later today!

Anyway here is the winner:

4 Bianca
12 Rebecca

please leave me your email and I'll be back with the coupon!

Hugs to you all and have a blessed day!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bird Song Kit and Winner! :)

Hi ladies!!

So... here is the newest kit from me:

Bird Song
20% OFF today!!



Everybody loves birds, they are such a beautiful creature which some of them have really beautiful voices.

9 papers
42 elements

and here are some inspiration for you:

from Luciana Orikassa


magical touch and perfect balance everytime I feel when I see Lu's page! :)



Mel is always so creative and placing elements and her photos is always stand out!

Gabi aka Gatchal


her white space, simplicity and clean always makes me neveeeeeer get bored looking at her gallery!!! A stunner for me!

and this one is from Joyce (princess Joyce)


This is such a sweet and romantic page made with so many gorgeous elements placement, creative and so balance, mix in harmony! :D I always love her creation!

Hope you enjoy the inspiration..


Thank you soo much for sharing your good times with me.. even though it simply just a fresh air in the morning, a beautiful day.. and also our sweet hubby and children play together.. Looking at my hubby and son play together is also always warmth my heart and makes me happy. It's a precious blessing that I thankful for everyday.

And Kellyc, if you are here to read this, my though goes to your brother. One of my best friend has a brother which is 7 years younger than her which also has a CP. Since me and her had been friend since we are in junior high school, I know a little about his battle, and how it's hurtful for her parents and her.. but also happiness when he is happy. So I send him a blessing from here..

Anyway, here is the winner of Bird Song!

81 - Kathleen
57 - judyinSD s
78 - Dawn

Please comeback here and leave me your email address so I can send you the coupon. :)
Allowed at least 24 hours for me to send you!

And just incase you missed this,
under this post is a new Peek-a-Boo RAK that just open a minute ago: CLICK HERE!


Peek a Boo RAK! Wood wood everyone? {CLOSED}

Hi ladies!!
I am going to post the winner of Bird Song in a minute.
Don't be sad for those who missed the chance or late on posting because................
I am opening another Peek-a-Boo RAK for you!!! :)
This time I team up with Danielle Young Designs..

Here is the peek!


so as always, share with me aaaaannnything and you got the chance to win this!

Hugs and blessing for everyone!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Peek a Boo RAK! A bird is coming to you... {CLOSED}

Hi ladies!
It's the time again.. something is coming your way, and you got a chance to get this for free!!


Share with me and everyone anything that makes you happy today or yesterday here, and I will randomly post a winner later tomorrow!!

Hugs and have a blessed day!!

PS: Winner already posted!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chinese New Year Sketch! ;)

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, I made this sketch that can be used to scrap a page of the celebration.
And it's only $1 today!

The Sketch 25
by Kitty Designs


This sketch is specially made for those who celebrate Chinese New Year. Even though you can still use this for any kind of page you want.
The color theme of this sketch is red and gold as the color of Chinese New Year.

Include are everything you see from the preview:
1 sketch in PSD and Tiff Version
1 chinese ribbon
1 dots border
1 dots journal
1 date tag
1 red brush
1 gold brush
1 frame
1 word "celebrate", all alphabeth are separate

And this is the page I made.


Happy Chinese New Year for those who celebrate!!

Hugs and have a blessed day!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Love and Friendship

Hi ladies! :)
It's me again today!
Here is my newest kit which will be only $4 today!

Love and Friendship
available at Oscraps and Zig Zag Scrap



PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASE: This was my kit for DAM from November-December 2008 edition, had been revamped, throw out lots of old elements, add new papers and elements. Original name was: Friendship Letter.
This kit are a different version of valentine, not only for our spouse but also for friendship.

14 papers (6 pattern papers, 8 solid papers)
47 elements

This is the page I made, photo is my best friend's dd. :)


and here are some inspiration for you.



Enjoy and happy scrapping! :)


Winner of Love and Friendship

Hi ladies!!

I am really happy to read everyone's post on my previous blog post.
It's so sweet and encouraging to read everyone still care about other people, sending wishes to everyone you love, or even someone you don't know, and people far away who were in trouble. I know a little love everyday sent from our heart can make this world a better place. :)

I do wish each of us (including myself) can always spend at least 1 minute a day to pray and wish the best for other people, not just our self. It does lifted my spirit reading them all, and I am really happy.

Thank you everyone to make today a brighter day!!! Luuuuuvvv u all!!!

and now with random generator, the winner are:

36 Natasha
wishes from Natasha:
"Today I wish everyone true happiness and the courage to be true to yourself!"

35 Heather
wishes from Heather:
"today i pray for the people of Haiti.. I pray they get all the help they need.."

13 Anna
wishes from Anna:
"I pray that all in Haiti will have the extra help that they need!"

My wishes today:
"I pray that every broken heart will be healed with a better hope and a true love from above."

congrats again, the kit you win is:
Love and Friendship

Please leave me your email address, and I will sent you the coupon in 24 hours. :)

Hugs and have a blessed day!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Peek a Boooo!! My new kit coming soon! {CLOSED}

Hi ladies!!
It's time again for a "peek a boo - rak". :)
I will have a new kit tomorrow.


Come and say a little blessing today to anyone you want today and share here, and you will have a chance to get this kit for free! ;)

My blessing today is:
I wish everyone who visit this blog will have a cheerful day, and an answered prayer, and may your family will always be healthy, recover from any sickness!

Hugs and have a blessed day!!


PS: Winner are posted already!
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