Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dino Dig, Tiny Stitched Alpha, Mixed Texture 2

Hi girls..
I haven't update my blog with my products for awhile.
So here is my latest product which is requested by one of the Cherry O - Kat. :)
All will be 20% OFF until Friday. :)

Dino Dig



Welcome to the dino world, where we travel to a place while there's still no human. A treasure place for a child's imagination.

10 papers
1 bit
1 bitten fruit
1 stitched border
1 square border
1 heart button
3 circle strings
2 clouds
3 dinos
2 eggs (1 empty, 1 with baby dino)
1 feet print
1 fire mountain
7 flowers (4 styles)
5 frames
1 grass
4 leaves (all different styles)
1 plant
1 ribbon swirl
5 ric racs
1 sparkle
2 stems
1 square stitches
1 swirl stitches
1 string
1 swirl
1 tag
1 tree
1 t-rex dino

Jodie also create a word art that match this kit, so you can check it out, too. :)

And beside the kit, I also made this alpha, I really love it and will use it again and again. :)

Tiny Stitched Alpha


3 version of tiny stitched lower case alpha, also include a stitches bow.

and here is the page I made with both. :)



Some of my team also create these, and as always I am really amazed that people comes with many different creativity from 1 same kit. :)



and last but not least..
I made a commercial use overlay for designers. :)
I use this overlay for my own papers.

Mixed Texture 2


9 different and unique over Commercial Use Overlay for Designers and also can be used for personal and scrap for hire.
Use several blending modes for perfect style.
Credit are no required, but gladly appreciated.

NO coupon allowed to use in purchasing this item.

Hope you all like it.


PS: about the last post... yupe, I am the one with dog toy bag. ;)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Old old photo..

I had been tagged by my campus friends with few few old photos while I was still a student. And it's really fun to see old photos and realize how much or how little we change. :)


Can anyone guess which one is me? Lol


my DH is here too... :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

I run...

I can't believe... that time goes so fast.

Today I accept a campus friend from my Facebook list and while browsing his photo.. life seems just like 5 years ago before I got married. And while my life change sooo much more.. for some people life seems looks slower.
I myself never be a slow person. I do everything fast fast fast.. and I run all the time.
I run to finished my school on time.
I run to finished my job and never let myself wait until tomorrow
I run to grab everything I need at the mall and rarely stop just for a window shopping
and I even walk very fast for a woman.
Yes! I always run in my life.

And for being a very idealist person and a journal addict who wrote every step on my life in a story, and even a poem... I start to forget writing my words.
Well.. I do capture them in Lay outs.. but really sometimes I miss writing poems and things like that.

And today for a few second, I feel that I miss my young and crazy life a bit. :)

But ... while looking at the face of my sleeping son.. I know I regret nothing to have him in such a young age.


my new kit: Thy Nature

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sugar and Sweets!

Hi again everyone!
Hope you are having a wonderful day!
I am still sick because of cough these days. I had go to doctor but still suffering every night.
Start when the sun stop shining, the cough come back to me. Arggg!!!
And my little one still having a flu. This is the worst sickness around the whose since few months (or a year?) can't remember.. because it took weeks and still not healed 100% yet.

My guest been extended at Shabby Pickle Designs.
So you can still found some of my designs here. :)
And stay tuned, because on Friday I have few new stuffs that will be exclusive there.

And because I am so lazy updating blog.. ((*_*))
Here are few stuffs I had created in 2 weeks.

1st one.. I had a chance to collaborate with Designs by Lili again! ;)
She is an awesome designer and we comes out with a cute cute cute kit called:

Sugar and Sweets

and for the good news, it's only: $6.99



19 papers
2 borders
6 buttons
2 button candies
6 candies (1 style, different colors)
1 candy bag
1 candy bird
1 candy plant (with grass)
3 cupcakes
1 doodle word: candy
1 smiling cupcake
1 ribbon cupcake
1 cupcake tree
1 flower with stem
2 flowers
4 ribbon frames
2 doodle frames
8 strings (1 style, different colors)
2 spreading words with flowers
2 spreading words with candies
8 word strips
2 wire cupcakes

and here some of our pages:





Hope you like it!!


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lovey Dovey

Happy Monday everyone!!
I am so glad that I had finished almost all my dead line today.
Well.. will never finished all the dead lines as it comes everyday.. but "almost" is a wonderful word for me. Hahhahaa..
and what the best thing is, I am able to sleep for awhile.. :D

Flu is around the house today. :(
But at least no more fever!!!!

So today I will finally put my newest kit to Oscraps:

Lovey Dovey
This is also still available at Shabby Pickle Designs if you prefer to get it from there. :)
Many of the elements here are created from crafty stuffs with scissor and glue.



Lovey Dovey is a cute valentine kit that perfect for a couple who fall in love and even for parents who fall in love with children. With sweetness everywhere, it's really present the love feeling.

8 papers
1 pack of alpha
1 bee
1 bird
1 bird cage
1 border
1 button
3 buttons stem
1 circle stamp
1 cloud
1 fastener
3 flairs
2 flowers
1 frame
1 gel swirl
1 heart frame
1 heart string
1 leaf
1 love doodle
1 love bubble talk
2 blank notes
2 note word arts
1 ribbon with heart felt
1 ribbon swirl
1 ribbon tied
2 spreading hearts
1 string with button and flower
1 tied cage
1 tied string
1 tied tag

and with this KIT, I made a page for my son's therapist that quit last Friday. :(
Hiks for me. :(


and here are some inspiration from my friends:



I hope these can inspired you! :)
Have a wonderful and blessed day!!


Monday, February 2, 2009

What I need today...

I need............

1. A better sleep
2. More time to exercise with Ruel
3. More time to design and scrap
4. More time to chat with my hubby
5. More time to journal about my life and my arts
6. More time to learn about new things
7. More time to work work work

Basically, I need 48 hours a day.
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