Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Now in this time, me & my Dh just watch the TV, shown a story about our friend who lost his daddy while he was still in high school, he saw his daddy murdered and he even pick up his daddy's body full with blood.
In front of everyone, he and his family (his mommy and his brother) talking about forgiveness. That the Lord has died on the cross and the Lord has become his Daddy while he has no daddy anymore in the world. He said to the murder, that he forgave him and he told the murder that The Lord also forgave him.

It does takes time for he, his brother, and his mom to be healed... but they did, and it's shine in their lifes.

Every time I met him I always see the reflection of the Lord's kindness in him.
I wish I had the strength to obey Lord and be a reflection of Him everyday just like my friend and his family did. I know I haven't. I know I still not be the witness of God.
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