Monday, July 14, 2008

Candy Land and Chubby Alpha

Now my part of Candy Land is available to Oscraps! :)

Image Hosted by

This KIT will bring you to the land of sugar, dream of every children around the world. With this kit you can create an imaginative world that will satisfy the dream.

with only $4.25
you get:
8 papers
30 elements:
6 candies
1 chocolate
1 sugar tree
2 swirls (1 style)
1 fabric button
7 flowers
1 flower with branch
1 frame
1 grass
1 candy house
2 tags (1 style)
1 leaves with branch
2 stitches branch
2 flowers with stitches branch
2 swirl flowers

it's really a steal! :)

here is my LO:

and I also have a Chubby Alpha, which will be coordinate with this KIT and also anything you want to create! :)

Image Hosted by

Happy scrapping!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

2 Sales for today!

Both of my products back to Oscraps! :)

Scratchy Alpha
will be on sale for only $1 just for today starting from now. :)
this is available in 2 version. Black and yellow one. :)
Grab it while it on SALE. :)

Image Hosted by

Art of Butterflies
on sale 26% during the weekend. :)

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Thank uuuuu..... ((Hugs))

All girls,
I am truly thank you for all the comments you had made for my last blog post.
Really, I didn't know I will get those response. I didn't play at Blog Train, I didn't post anything, anywhere, about what I feel. just a little simple 'whinning' post at my blog.
And I got 11 response, amazing care, and everything that makes my heart warmth! Thank u so much... that means a tons for me...

It's true that lately I am feeling down.
Something just happen to me when I wrote that blog. And not long after that, another things happen again. And it let me down. But when I read all the blog comments, it's encourage me to be strong.
All these things comes from this digi world, and it's honestly freaks me out about this 'world'.


I tend to be silent everytime I got a problem. And even when I heard people bad mouth about me while I did nothing, and while people don't even confirm me or asked about the truth, I also silent. I didn't then go to 'best friends' or anyone to tell 'my story'. What I did is sit at my corner with a teary eyes and said: forgive, forget, ugh.. it's hard... but I must win this!

For more than 1 week my siggy said:
If Jesus forgive me, why I not forgive?
I don't think anyone realize that (I had change my siggy now.. lol), but it never means for people to read, it's for me to read everytime I online and everywhere I go and post, to remind me that I should not feed bad feelings, and I should not fight back, because that's NEVER be my part. My part is to forgive, my part is to do the best, my part is do what is right, and not based on my feelings. It's never ever easy, and I am struggling with this feeling more than a week.

I realize that we can not live and make a decission based on what we feel today, or what people said, or what the majority did, or what is the condition.
Therefore we also can not blame the situation for what happen to us.
We need to take a step based on what is RIGHT, what is the truth. And that's call integrity.

Integrity never be an easy things.
Integrity stands while no one see me, stands in every condition, bad or good, happy or not happy.
And integrity never stand based on what people said, what I feel today, what is the weather, and what is the condition.
Integrity stands base on the righteousness .

I still learn about this and I will never stop learning.


And about Oscraps.. it's true that I am very very very happy to be there. Both me and my hubby love the store and loves everything there. :)

Happy weeekend everyone..
God bless your days...


Friday, July 4, 2008


I had stepping down almost all my teams now (I mean - my designers). I am very sad. But this is the best for me right now.
I need to cooling down my head and make scrapping become fun, and precious again. Become something I want to keep my family's memories. Become a professional designer and animator which not gonna let everything makes me down.


I actually don't really know what I want to say.
But lately I feel up and down about the digi land. :) I love competition and really, I am somehow competitive too. But it's very important for me to have a fair 'play' while those things seems to be not really important for some people.

These few months really open my eyes about the face of this 'competition'.
Copy stuffs, back stabbing things, not grateful people, and also some other 'little unfair play', those that I never mention anywhere.
And once, when I tried to help people, it seems to end up negative for me, too. I really don't understand why. Well.. not really interested to know the 'why' things anyway. Sometimes things are hard to understand, and some people really love to make things complicated. So whatever, it won't bother me anymore once I end this babbling section. Hehhee..
But yeah... it's open my eyes.

Bad (or good?) things is.. I still stuck with myself. I still can't play like "them".
Some people call that integrity.
But hmm.. I think I rather said it "habit".
I am temper, not very patient, spontaneous, etc etc...
I have tons of negative character in me.
But I really REALLY really really don't like gossip and speculating, and playing unfair.
Some people easily think negative or speculate on me for my silent (or motivation while - I only mean to help).
While other who knows me very well come to me and asked and they get the answer.. :)
Am I wrong for being silent and don't like to talk? Whatever it is, wrong or not, it's really hard to change a 'don't like talking' person to be chatty.

Bleh.. blabling again. I need to sleep.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Our Design Names

Me and hubby has 3 design name:

Ricksdesign - it's our web and graphic design company. it is using his (my DH) name, but it own by he and me. You can check the site. :)

Kitty Designs - scrapbooking design, using my name, all my hand drawn, sometimes he gave some advice. it's looks like mine but for me it also his (however the money always goes to his paypal account anyway - lol - since paypal need to have surename while I don't have).

Joe Designs - born the last one. It's using our son's name: Joeruel. It's pretty much a collaboration between me and him, even though he did most of the part and did the finishing. It's born from both of us.

We definitely don't wanna name it RicksKitty Designs or Rickitty Designs or RK Designs. LOL! We love Joe Designs. It's our son name, and it's a honor for him. Also it means that this designs was born from us. Image Hosted by

So the question is, is Joe Designs own by Ricks only? Or also own by Ricks and Kitty? Is Joe Designs = Ricks + Kitty? :) Is the name "Joe Designs" really confuse people?

Kitty Designs is moving to Oscraps

It's me again! and yeah, I am moving to Oscraps!
I am very happy and love everything I see there. :)

I also have some new stuffs over there and for today it will be 20% OFF.

Sunshine Smile KIT

Flower Bloom

Buttoned Dough

and here are some LOs created with the Sunshine KIT:

Have fun and happy scrapping!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bad blogger - ME :p

Yeah I am a bad blogger. LOL.

I haven't update this for a long time. Don't even mention that I (Kitty Designs) is moving my store.

And now Joe Designs also moving. Where we will be?
Take a good guess and post it at Amanda's thread.
Amanda will pick 3 winners to get my new KIT:

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