Monday, March 31, 2008

Decorative Doodles for Personal Use

Decorative Doodles now ready for the personal use pack, with colorful style. :)
I love the way it looks and it's easy to use even when I lost my scrapping mojo lately. :) I can cut it separately turn it up side down, etc. :)

Decorative Doodles Personal Use

and here are some LOs that I created with them. :)

at this LO, I cut one of the decorative doodle, rotate it 90% and put one of them standing, and the other one (also standing) in the right corner.
other stuffs used in this LO are Two Sister's Faith Kit except the alpha and the Decorative Doodles of course.

At this LO, I put the decorative doodle crossing the photo to make the LO looks detailed and beautiful. and add Imaginary Swirls to make it more whimsical.
other stuffs used in this LO are Kay Miller and Nitwit's Happily Ever After.

At this LO, I also put the decorative doodle crossing the photo to make the photo looks like 'tied' between them. And I add some leaves and also hung the 'cherry button' from Paint the Moon on them. :)
Add a little unicorn for my Imaginary Pack to make it more like "dream".
other stuffs used in this LO are from Amy Hutchinson, Paint the Moon, Emily Merritt, Kay Miller, and Nitwit.

You can always check the full credits and links at my DST or MSA Gallery. :)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Decorative Doodles

I have a new doodle pack! ;)
This time is available for commercial use and scrap for hire.
Here is it:

Decorative Doodles

Hope you like it!
Have a great weekend everyone. :)


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter !

Happy easter everyone. :)
I know it's almost late.. ugh... this week is really hard, my son is sick, he got fever and now continue with flu and cough.. and it's seems will be my turn. :((
But I have something for you. :)

I never understand what is the link between Easter and Bunny, in my understanding eggs can be a symbol of life after death.. just like the the risen of Jesus Christ. But what about bunny? :)
but I think bunny is pretty cute... lol..

so here is it!

Bunny Easter

Have a great day and happy scrapping!


Monday, March 17, 2008

Imaginary Papers

I am back! :)
Last week I am sooooo overwhelmed with everything.
Drawing, part time real life job, and a sick little boy. :(
But finally yesterday I can scrap again.

This is a bit different with my usual style, but I love the feel of magic here. You will know that I love magical, whimsical pages. ;)

She is not my DD. :)
Naomi is my best friend's DD and they lived at other island but they visit us a few days ago. She is my fave girl, and you will see a lot of pages with her face in my gallery since I don't have girl. :)

The background used in this LO is Imaginary Paper pack.
which is coordinated with my Imaginary Elements and Imaginary Swirls.

Here is it:

Imaginary Paper Pack (*Link EXPIRED*)

and of course this will available as a freebie. :)
Just click it.

Hope you all will love it.
And as usual, if you create any LOs with them, please link them to me, I will be very happy to see your creation.
And if you have any feedback or suggestion, you are free to email me anytime. I am always love to learn.

Happy scrapping everyone!!


Friday, March 14, 2008


I am back with 2 other new products. I really have sooooo much fun drawing them. :)
I love to remember that when I was a little child I always imagine many things, fairy things, unicorn, a blue mushroom, etc. :)
I loveeeee that day.. and I know that children will never change from one generation to another... they still full with imagination, fantacy, fun, creativity.. and... purity. :)
I love children.

here are the 2 new doodle packs:

Imaginary Elements Pack

Imaginary Swirls

as always, some friends and me - myself - create some LOs with them (also combine with my Birdie and Friends elements and paper pack).

Jacq (purple_color)

me (Kitty Chen)


Happy scrapping!! :)


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Birdie and Friends

So.. today my birdie is up at WST..
I am so happy.. and especially when I have some of my best friends use them in their LOs..

Birdie and Friends

Image Hosted by

I guest I am one of the luckies girls to have these wonderful women that create such a beautiful pages with my doodles.. and I can't say enough thank you and love for them...

Love you all girls.... ((hugs))

Here are some of the pages.. and I will add more...


Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by


Birdie Paper Pack Freebie

Today my Birdie is up to WST. :)
and I have a freebie for everyone. :)
A paper pack that coordinate with the elements.
just click to the name.


Birdie Paper Pack

Image Hosted by

Happy scrapping...


Monday, March 10, 2008

Another new start

So... I start to design.. It just happen when we talk a at Sil's CT and I draw something, I put it at our forum, I give it to them to download, they encourage me to apply for designer.. and I emailed Deann. and... this will on Tuesday. :)

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