Friday, March 14, 2008


I am back with 2 other new products. I really have sooooo much fun drawing them. :)
I love to remember that when I was a little child I always imagine many things, fairy things, unicorn, a blue mushroom, etc. :)
I loveeeee that day.. and I know that children will never change from one generation to another... they still full with imagination, fantacy, fun, creativity.. and... purity. :)
I love children.

here are the 2 new doodle packs:

Imaginary Elements Pack

Imaginary Swirls

as always, some friends and me - myself - create some LOs with them (also combine with my Birdie and Friends elements and paper pack).

Jacq (purple_color)

me (Kitty Chen)


Happy scrapping!! :)



Nicole said... Best Blogger Tips

Great new doodles, Kitty!

cca said... Best Blogger Tips

These are fabulous! I went to go purchase them, but the site won't let me. Wah! I'll try again tomorrow. I LOVE these!! Can't wait and must have. LOL Great work.

Jeanann said... Best Blogger Tips

very nice. love the doodles.

ScrapShana said... Best Blogger Tips

What gorgeous doodles! Love all the colors in them!

AfriDigiDiva said... Best Blogger Tips

Those layouts are too precious!

[K!] said... Best Blogger Tips

Ya ampun Kit, udah lama banget ya kita gak chat hehe.. Sekarang loe udah buat blog dan udah jual di store ya?

Congratz congratz... udah gak pernah ke WG lagi ya skarang? Sibuk scrap terus?
Moga2 laris deh tokonya :D

Btw, gue nemu blog elo dari liat listnya ikeagoddess :D

[K!] said... Best Blogger Tips

Eh lupa bilang ini katherine hehe :D

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