Monday, August 25, 2008

Heart and Home

Lili and I team up! With a beautiful KIT for ya!
She is such a creative and talented lady! ;)

Hearts and Home
20% DISC for Monday and Tuesday. :)

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No place like home! That is what I always feel everytime and everywhere I go! Home is a place while we can be the real "us". And a place where our story begin. Home is the place where we can feel the comfort! Kitty Designs and Designs by Lili bring you a warm, comfort, and beautilicious kit to satisfy your happiness, comfort, and joy for home. To scrap stories that never end that we can tell for generation to generation!

16 papers
1 alpha

64 elements:
3 doodle borders
1 bubble though
3 doodle buttons
4 buttons
3 button felts
7 circles
1 curtain
1 doodle tag
1 house frame
1 flower
1 window frame
1 hanger
3 notes
3 plants
1 signage
3 strips
1 tree
3 hearts
1 heart burst
1 word: home
1 word: welcome
2 swirls
2 clouds
4 metal words (chez moi, ches nouz, doce lar, sweet home)
1 felt frame
1 home journal block
3 tags
4 ribbons
1 metal hearts
2 metal word arts

and have you seen what my team has created with this KIT?
I am so loving their creations! ;)

by Colleen

Image Hosted by

by Monika (Omega021)

Image Hosted by

by Christine (Scraptigz)

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and also by me:

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Oh! 1st School!

Oh! 1st School! Finally our children is grown enough too school! Must be a very exciting moment for all of us and many great experiences to enjoy. Scrap your children's school memories and capture every precious moments for them.

And here I give you a perfect KIT to scrap our children's school stories:

Oh! 1st School

Image Hosted by


10 papers
1 Style Alpha (3 colors)
44 elements:
2 number (1)
1 apple
1 falling book
1 standing books
1 book
1 border word art "first day school"
1 pencil box
2 buttons
4 doodle strip
1 eraser
4 frames
1 globe
3 highlighters
1 name tag "my name is"
4 blank notes
2 paint splats
1 pencil
4 ribbons
1 swirl
1 ruler
1 sharpener
2 star stickers
1 doodle swirl

NOT ONLY that!
If you bough this KIT TODAY and FRIDAY: August 21-22, 2008
You will get this alpha for FREE!

My Sketch Alpha

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Later, this Alpha will be sell separately! :)
So GRAB IT while it still a bonus. :)

And now this is the time for LOs! :)

1st I wanna show you Sarah (my3hens)'s LO:

1st grade already
In this LO she said that she is sad because she can't believe her beautiful girl is now going to 1st grade. :)
I think this is pretty much a mix feeling of all parents seeing our children grow so fast! :)

Image Hosted by

And here is from Monika (Omega021)

First School Day

Image Hosted by

Unbelievable but true! hehehhe. the handsome boy in this photo is 24 already!

And now from Kristen (kikon)

First School Day

Image Hosted by

Lina LOVES and enjoy her 1st day school!! Look at her smiling sweet face! ;)

And hehehe.. I scrap a page for Lina too!
Look at here:

Lina 1st Day School

Image Hosted by

I just LOVE her smile! ;)

AND have you seen Amanda (amandaresende)'s sweet baby! ARGG I just want to kiss her cheek!!!

Image Hosted by

Last but not least! ;)
Here is another page I created for my friend's DD: Ella!
She ALWAYS enjoy school!!

1st School

Image Hosted by

Hope you enjoy your day and HAPPY scrapping!! :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Jungle Fantasy, Jungle Animals, Hearts All Around

Got few new products today! :)
And as always 20% OFF for today only.

Jungle Fantasy
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and the add on:

Jungle Animals

Image Hosted by

and here are the LOs sample:

by Monika (Omega021)



by Sarah (my3hens)



also I have this new doodle pack

Hearts All Around

and sample LO!



Have a great scrapping day! :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Life is about choices

Yes, that is true, life is about choices..

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We choose who we wants to be.
We choose which way we want to take.
We choose who we want to be with..

Sometimes I think... it's not hard to know what is the right choice, but what is hard is to 'believe' that the right choice is good for us.
To choose what is the right even it's hurt.
To believe that He will never leave me alone.

I am Strong

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These 6 months, I live in night mare almost everyday. Sometimes better, sometimes not. fear, and tears fill my days. But only hope that makes me strong.
These few days I always sing "and now... let the weak say I am strong.."
just that part. again and again.
This LO is a confession that I have a wing to fly higher than the storm and I can still be the light.
The wing is me.. and the light is His Hand.
My faith always up and down lately... but I wish He will never let me go..

Is NOT that I don't know that God is good.
Is NOT that I never heard that He will never leave me alone.
Sometimes I hates Him for give me all of these things that happen to me.
But deep inside my heart I know I still love Him... deep inside my heart I can never go away from Him.

"let the weak say I am strong..."

product used:

mostly from
All About Flowers from Joe Designs

Image Hosted by

Jofia's Ephemerals, Birgit Kerr's Heaven Sent, Paislee Press' Press Plate 5.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Love Grows

Today I create a page and I really enjoy it.
I scrap and scrap and scrap, and this week only I had created 5 pages!!
After so long not creating! hehehe.. what a nice refreshing for me before get back to work again! ;)

Here is the last page I just created:


Love grows every time I see you!
that's what actually in my mind before I created this KIT:

Love Grows


Love grows every day, and it keep our relationship. That is the one that we need to learn more every day. To love, to understand, to forgive. There's live and hopes when our love grows.

With this KIT I present you the beauty of love that grows, like flowers in the garden, cheerful, and colorful.

10 papers
1 border circle
3 border doodles
1 butterfly
2 buttons
4 doodles
4 hearts doodles
7 flowers
3 frames
1 grass
3 hearts
3 laces
1 leaves
1 matt
1 messy border
2 journaling notes
2 flower spray
4 stitches
1 doodle swirls
4 word bits

for Saturday and Sunday, this KIT will be 20% OFF. :)

I also combine this KIT with my Chubby Alpha


and here are some LOs created by our team:


I think it's really amazing to see different style from one KIT.

Now, happy weekend all!!!

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