Monday, August 11, 2008

Life is about choices

Yes, that is true, life is about choices..

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We choose who we wants to be.
We choose which way we want to take.
We choose who we want to be with..

Sometimes I think... it's not hard to know what is the right choice, but what is hard is to 'believe' that the right choice is good for us.
To choose what is the right even it's hurt.
To believe that He will never leave me alone.

I am Strong

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These 6 months, I live in night mare almost everyday. Sometimes better, sometimes not. fear, and tears fill my days. But only hope that makes me strong.
These few days I always sing "and now... let the weak say I am strong.."
just that part. again and again.
This LO is a confession that I have a wing to fly higher than the storm and I can still be the light.
The wing is me.. and the light is His Hand.
My faith always up and down lately... but I wish He will never let me go..

Is NOT that I don't know that God is good.
Is NOT that I never heard that He will never leave me alone.
Sometimes I hates Him for give me all of these things that happen to me.
But deep inside my heart I know I still love Him... deep inside my heart I can never go away from Him.

"let the weak say I am strong..."

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SarahB said... Best Blogger Tips

Really beautiful layouts and I hope creating them brought you some peace.

Char said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow... your layouts are inspirational. Thank you for sharing your words AND art with us today.

schneeflocke said... Best Blogger Tips

this is very touching and your layouts are beautiful, TFS!

Leigh said... Best Blogger Tips

well, the lo's are beautiful and the kit is lovely.

Cat said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, Kitty, that last layout is just mind blowing!! So, So powerful, and you know, I totally relate to everything, its like you wrote from me!!

Just know you have your friends and family behind you keeping you strong too :)

Wubs to you xx

Helena said... Best Blogger Tips

Lovely post. Thanks for sharing that.

Danielle said... Best Blogger Tips

wow Kitty.. I got goosebumps from your last page, your journaling is amazing. Keep your head up sweetie, you will see the sun. Thinking of you!

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