My name is Kitty.
I am scrapbooking designer, photographer,  a proud mom of Ruel and my darling's wife.

I am just someone who wish to love God more and more each day with every limit that I have.
My son, Joeruel, has become my designing muse since he was born. And every time I see his smile, it encourage me to make a kit which shown his happy spirit. All my kits always describe my life, my mood, or the message I wanna communicate.

My other web site is:
Warna Warni Mimpi

My digital scrabooking store is:

Scrapbooking actually had become a part of my life when I was a teenager, but of course at the moment I only use papers, or maybe piece of newspaper, ribbon, button, etc, everything I can found around my home. I started to digital scrapbooking in late 2007 when my son was 2 years old, and I started to think it was a great tool to scrap. An easier way for a busy stay-at-home mom and I am hooked! I started designing in 2008, actually forced myself to do that, my son is the main reason. I needed to be at home to take care of him, as he was in therapy at the time, I could not work outside but I needed more income. Other plus is I think it will more special if I can scrap my family with my own design. I was really afraid and never really thought that I would survive. When I saw other designers’ creations I was amazed, but also really scared and I felt incompetent. But by the grace of the Lord I am still designing right now, and loving it even more. I just can’t go back to the place before I knew about digital scrapbooking.

In this blog I will provide a high quality digital scrapbooking kits, elements, and also template. I will also have freebies for a limited time once in a while.

Thank you for looking.

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