Saturday, October 25, 2008

Red - The Leader - Artist Painted Papers

This is the RED I am talking about!
Ready to scrap?? ;)

Red - {The Leader}
And it's 30% OFF right now.
So it's really a great deal!


it's magical (like what I always love).. and it's also fun!
And here are some LOs using the KIT:


So...? What are you waiting for?? ;)

And btw.. I forget to post this.. :)
Yesterday I have a new Paper Pack at Oscraps. :)

Artist Painted Papers
it's still 20% OFF! ;)


go and check it out too.. ;)

happy scrapping!


Monday, October 20, 2008


As an artist from heart, I always love colors. EVERY colors, no exception.
But nothing really attached me like red.
When people asked me, what is your favourite colors, I can easily say: RED.
But if people asked what is my 2nd fave colors, I can be pretty much confuse.. although I then come with purple as the result as that is the colors that near red the most.


Basically, every colors has their own symbol.
And we can say that it's represent some part of our character.

Today, I want to talk about RED.

RED is a symbol of leadership, dominant, and strong.
At our county.. the colors of our flag is red and white. The red represent braveness.

In some place we can easily see 'red person'.
"Red person" are those who never afraid to said their opinion, and often take a lead while there's no authority. Some red person can looks more silent and wait where there is a leader incharge. But basically where there's no leader, they will be the one who stand.

"Red person" looks strong, stubborn.. and sometimes seems to be "I am the right one".
But the mature "Red person" can admit when they are wrong and FIX their own problem.
Of course that is something that a "red person" need to learn.

My next project is about RED.

Now tell me...
are you Ms. RED?
or you marry Mr. RED?
or.. you have a little RED at home?

Meanwhile.. enjoy this!

The Leader Freebie



and stay tuned... other colors will coming. ;)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Candy Alpha

This is week is a very tired days for me. Every dead lines are line up for me.. and my boy stick to me like a glue.. lol.
However, I have a freebie for you.

Candy Alpha


you can download it HERE.

And if you download, please leave a comment here. :)
Hope you like it and have a wonderful day!


Thursday, October 16, 2008

My World, Say It Loud, Cute Baby Alpha

Today's KIT basically inspired by my own little boy, actually all of them are.. lol, but this even my DH is the one who named this KIT.
So here is the story..

Few days ago.. I really amazed on how my boy see the world from his eyes... He basically amazed on everything he seen. The sun, the trees... the wind blow.. all of them. And I can see from his eyes, that sun is not "just sun". The sun probably is smiling to him. And the trees, they are not just green.. they are each unique, beautiful, colorful. The world in children's eyes are really colorful. The world in children's eyes are brighter..., fun, more beautiful, adorable.. while when we get older.. each day become more and more ordinary.

So here is it. I create a wonderful children's world, with lots of colorful trees, and even a smiling mr warm and friendly sun.. THIS IS the world that our children see. :) Don't we just want them see this kind of world as long as they can?
well.. I do!

My World
available at Christina Renee Designs and 30% OFF for today only.


and not only that, here is another fun bubble talks collection for you.

Say It Loud
available at Christina Renee Designs and 30% OFF for today only.


and here is my own LOs, the journaling tell you about what I feel when I see him amazed with this world. :)


Not only that, I create this little alpha collection. Fun and cute, and adorable! ;)

Cute Baby Alpha


This collection available in 2 kind of style
Both include A-Z alphas, 1-0 numbers, plus one blank button for any thing you want to use it.

so here are some LOs that can give you inspiration.
Hope you enjoy it. ;)

The are both from Monika (Omega021), don't you just adore the way she scrap everything? Her whole gallery are killer!



From Joyce (princessj0yce), yep.. again.. another talented lady ever!


and this is my guest during October: Novita.
I think you know her already.. one unique and fantastic scrapper!


and this is from Nicole..
yay.. I just love her style!!!


and another one: Mel!
she said that she totally tried a new style here.. but look at her? just like she had been doing this style a whole her scrapping life.. hahaha


and if there's someone can make a very fun girly page.. it should be Christina (haloe)


and last one also from me:


so.. happy scrapping everyone!!!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My new team! ;)

Let me introduce you:

and here are their galleries:

Nicole (Windgefluester)
Nadia (grungee)
Fabiane Rubria
Joyce Tatad (princessj0yce)

aren't they are awesome?? :)

and to celebrate, I randomly pick some names to get $5 GC to my store for those who applied.. and here are the names:

jukneipp (

and by commenting on this thread.. you can also get $5 GC. :)

and here are the names who won the $5 GC.

7: fun2educate
25: amymom24
86: Ju Oliveira
68: scrapaholic

please PM me via DST to get your GC!

and once again, congrats!! ;)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Dreaming, Magical Words, and My Sketch Alpha version 2

Ok... guest what?
I am collaborating with one talented designer and also sweet friend of mine! YAY!
And who is that?

Yep! It's Amandaresende or Amanda R Designs from After Five Designs store!
Don't you think it's amazing? :D

I am sooo loving how this kit comes out, and it's totally my style. Sparkling, magical, whimsical... fun.. etc etc... and here I present you:

20% OFF today only!



This kit is really full with gorgeous goodies you don't wanna missed!

I always feel sweet and peaceful every time I see my boy sleep. I wonder what is in his dream, and also I dream about what the best for him. No words can really explain it, but I believe every parents understand this so well. Dream is like magic... we can imagine things that not happen yet today.. and when we wake up, we stand to make it real. Everyone, not only a little child, should not lose their dreams.. there is hope and future when we believe in our dreams. So here is the magical dream kit for you.. to scrap your children.. and also to scrap your own dream!

For ONE WEEK only, if you purchase this kit start from Thursday: October 9 - Wednesday: October 15, you will get FREE Quick Pages (10 pieces each 12x12 inches).

This KIT include:

24 high rich texture: pattern, solid, and dreamy papers
3 set of alpha (1 set also include numbers)

83 elements:
2 bows
3 buttons flair
3 buttons
4 buttoned strings
2 clouds
1 cardboard moon
3 cardboard stars
1 circle felt
4 clips
2 doodle borders
1 diamond frame
1 diamond frame with swirls
1 falling stars
2 felt flowers
3 flowers
3 frames
1 layered clouds
1 layered clouds with moon and sparkle
1 magical sparkles
1 magical sparkles with ribbon
2 night scenery (one with sparkle)
1 notebook
2 ribbons (shadowed and non shadowed)
1 rubberband
4 star buttons
2 stamp frames (shadowed and non shadowed)
2 sheeps
1 sleeping moon
2 sparkle overlays
2 staples (shadowed and non shadowed)
4 stitches
1 square stitches
4 strings
4 swirls
2 tickets
1 tag frame
3 wrapped ribbons
1 wing
2 word arts (black and white)
1 wire moon
1 wire star

yeah! that's right, you can grab FREE Quick pages for FREE if you purchase this KIT for 1 week only!

and here is the quick pages:


and here you go... pages from our team:






Ok.. this gonna be a long post, BUT, not only that!
I create a pack of Magical Words - DREAMING that coordinated with this Dreaming Kit!

Magical Words - DREAMING
20% OFF today only!


Another magical and sparkling stuffs for you to make your pages shine, whimsical, fun, and beautiful, this time comes with words as a Magical Words!
Comes with 10 words, each with black and white version. PNG files.

magic magic magical! ;)

and here are what Amanda created with this magical words (yes, THAT Amanda who collaborating with me, don't you think she is just an amazing scrapper as well?)


This page is created with:
- Apple of My Eye
- Magical Swirls 2
- and of course: Magical Words - DREAMING

and don't you just adore Katrina's simplicity style?? well I do!!



I tell ya.. I am not stopping...
here is the latest product I have for ya!
This time is sold over Christina Renee Designs BLOCK Party!

My Sketch Alpha version 2


this comes with complete alpha: A-Z, numbers 0-10 *yes, 10!, 1 pencil doodles, and 2 buttons. :)

and this time... I scrap! hehehe..
I missed scrapping so much and this funky fun alpha makes me wanna scrap! yay!

So here is my page with it:


This page is created with:
- Little Garden Day
- My Sketch Alpha version 2 (30% OFF today ONLY at CRD)
- Magical Words - DREAMING (20% OFF today ONLY at Oscraps)
- Magical Swirls 2
- Art of Butterfly (also available Commercial Use version)

oh almost forget... I also wanna show you another creative way to use this alpha from this page:


and happy scrapping!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I am a featured Designer at CRD!

Today I am a featured designer over Christina Renee Designs! ;)

so you can get my Little Garden Day Kit for 20% OFF just today!



and you might want to check some LO with them:


and see the frame I use here? :)


now... go to Christina's blog and grab them for free!! ;) Of course without the letter "k".
All made by my Little Garden Day kit!

I need to add this.
Check this thread and you can win my kit!! ;)

Have a wonderful day!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Winner is....

Based on Random.ORG the winner is....

niiki (Nikii)
janel (Janel47)
th!nkblue (thinkblue)

I will PM you very soon with the GC coupon!!

and thanks everyone for playing along... I really appreciate it!!


Saturday, October 4, 2008

I am part of CRD Block Party designer

So... I actually don't really understand where the issue come from.. lol.. but yep, I am one of the Guest Party for CRD Block Party! ;)
And for this week, I have something for you:

Little Garden Day Kit



and it's 30% OFF right now. :)
So the price is really a steal! :)

Remember those days when you have nothing to worry about, just playing in the garden with your best friends, chasing butterflies, observing dragonflies and ladybirds.. picking pretty flowers for mom.. or just dancing in the rain, enjoying your day. Those were the days, and you can have that beautiful moments again, with your little ones.. just having fun!

10 rich textured papers4 set alphas (same style, different colors)
1 FREE quick page
1 circle border
1 flower border
3 circle words: "being with you", "laughing together", "just having fun"
2 circle buttons
2 circle stitches
2 dragonflies
4 flowers
1 spreading flowers
1 stamp frames
1 gate
1 lady bug
1 leaf
1 leaves
1 magical swirl
2 journaling notes
1 ribbon
1 swirl
3 ribbons
1 water drop
2 wire wordart: "enjoy", "garden day"

and here is the FREE Quick Page you get in this KIT:


now let see what the team had created:

This is from kristenrice


Christine (Scraptigz)






and here is from me:


I hope you like it!! :)

Last but not least...
if you want to grab some $5 GC for my store over Oscraps (NOT include what I sell at CRD block party).
You can check last post. :)

and keep checking here... you might found some freebie next week from me! ;)
PLUS, if you want some gorgeous freebie from mix designers, don't forget to check Authentic Artistry BLOG. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!! ;)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wanna grab some $5 GCs??

Yep! as always! I am a bad bad blogger. Hehe.
I forget to update new release, and taking me sooo long to finished my own blog banner. Hehhee.. but yay... I am glad I finally have a new blog banner. ;)

anyway... I am in the mood of talking about Magical Swirls! :)

This one is definitely one of my fave product. :)
Magical Swirls 2
I always love something dusty.. sparkling... something that can give me the feeling of magic. And that's why I create it.. :)


I believe I use this in almost all of my LOs even just for a little touch. :)


so... finally, here is the deal.
My lovely team and friend, had been so sweet and helpful for me, creating pages and so and so... I want you to help me leave some love for them over their LOs using my product, at least 5 LOs. :) Just come and post here for every 5 LOs you had comment (including my own), of course you can play again and again. ^^
And I will randomly pick 3 of you to receive $5 GCs to my store. :)
Don't forget to put your email and DST nickname when you post! ;)

Here are those pages:

Laughing Together

b is for...

Sarah (my3hens)
Apple Cheeks
Cherish Every day

Autumn 2007
My Ride
18 months

Monika (Omega021)
You are the apple of my eye
Home is where your heart

Drama Queen
My ABC Apple
Falling In Love With You

*shades of autumn*
*falling in love with you*
*apple of my eye*

*no title*
Love you
first day

school friends
Pee a Boo!

Christina (haloe)
Pieces of Me
Falling in Love with You

Happiness is...
There for You
In Love
Apple of My Eye

Cat Bed
Blossoms of the Heart

Christine (Scraptigz)
You Today
Baby Mine

One Fine Day
My Friends, My Angels

Monkey Boy

whoo loves you
a is for apple b is for boy

and my own:
Mo is dreaming...

of course, this is basically just the latest LOs and only some of them. :)
I will pick up the winner at Sunday!

Have a great day! :)
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