Saturday, July 30, 2011

Coming on Monday

A short peek on an album coming soon on Monday.
It's an album version of Cuddle Me Sketches 1
If you wanna win it, just | LEAVE A MESSAGE HERE | and I will randomly pick the winner before Monday. :)
It has 25 QPs + 2 cards 4x6 inches. So it's a lot.

Here is the peek:

More to come:


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Accidentally Folded & Scattered Sequins

Do you love the folded effect on page? Because I do. :) It just makes the page looks realistic without making it bulky. The good side of digital. ^^ Today I brought you a new folded template set. :)

It's available in 2 version, single version and 12x12 inches, as seen in 1st and 2nd preview.

Include: 5 template in PSD version
Original Price: $3.99 | Now: $3.2
+ extra 10% OFF for subscriber

Include: 7 style sequins set, each with 10 colors, 77 in total
Original Price: $3.5 | Now: $2.8
+ extra 10% OFF for subscriber

{click to enlarge}


THANK YOU so much for everyone who contribute in my previous peek-a-boo RAK. :)
Here is the winner:

Please email me: kitty.designs@yahoo.comto claim your code!


Monday, July 25, 2011

Peek & Win

Anyone loves templates? Or something folded? :)
Next Thursday I will have a folded template set coming soon with 5 PSD.
Here is peek on one of them (elements not include)

For the chance to win,
Multiply it with tweet (add @kittydesign for the tweet) and/or facebook and please back with the ♥ valid & visible LINK only ♥
*other than that will be deleted to make it fair for others, sorry. :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

What I Love Today

What is your daily routine?

For me every day I spend most of the time at computer, watching Ruel playing, laughing.
Yesterday I feel extremely bored and wanna do something different. But it's Wednesday, middle of the week and I definitely can't go out and have fun and leave the family, after all I am a mom. So I steal some time while Ricks were playing basket ball with church friends and go to a near Mall, Mall of Indonesia, and spend around 3 hours there, bringing my computer, sit at Starbucks, ordering Ice Signature Chocolate, without whip cream of course. And start to work.. And it does make a difference in my mood. So anytime you get bored, go and do something different, even a very little one, trust me it does make a difference, at least for me. :)

I draw a little of my daily activity yesterday:

I took some photos of Ruel playing baloon. Ignore the ugly background. :P It's a daily photo anyway. :)

It's a good day after all. I chat with Winnie (Charlize) and Lydia after a long break, I think months after our last chat. And we update each other with our latest news. Talking about family, design, health, and supporting each other. And I feel good doing that. I had meet both of them in real life. Me and Lydia know each other from scrapbooking, but me and Winnie had know each other from other Indonesian forum at 2002.

Anyway, I am glad to be able to "fix" my mood, having a little "me" time, connected again with friends, and still enjoy my family.

What are you doing when you are bored? :)

I hope you all have a great day, too! Wishing you a wonderful time and a blessed day.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Blended Frames + Krafted Journal Block

I had been a photo-mania since I was a teenager, collect all photos and arrange them per-sequence and never throw a photo even an  ugly one, except of course if the photo is too blurry or dark. And in real life I was collecting frames to hang it or just put on the desk. But since I know digital scrapbooking I make a wiser choice which makes my house less stuffs: collectiong digital frames. :) And I never have enough of them.

Besides collecting photos, my other hobbies is writing. I write everywhere, using my pen and spidol, color it and draw it. I write what happen when the photos was taken, or just write whatever I feel, which makes me of course collecting papers. When comes to the digital scrapbooking era I can never have enough journaling blocks.

So today, I brought you 2 of my newest item: Blended Frames and {Story Teller} Krafted Blocks. Both the item will be available at Catscrap at the month of July with 20% OFF for a limited time, and extra 10% OFF for subscriber.

Include: 6 frames in PSD version
A simple frame with a fun overlay to give an accent to your photo.
Check out the tutorial on how to use it: HERE
Original Price: $3.5 | Now: $2.8
+ extra 10% OFF for subscriber

Please notes that the frames are available in PSD only. If you need a PNG version, please contact me:

Include: 10 krafted journal blocks
Original Price: $2.99 | Now: $2.4
+ extra 10% OFF for subscriber

All the krafted made papers or elements will never grow old. I had use it since I was a kid, teenager, and now. So when I need a stuffs that can go with any occasion or any kind of kits, kraft will be my choice. 

From Catscrap team with Blended Frames and Krafted Block: Ferdy, Ultracool, Rachel


Hope you enjoy the inspiration. Anytime you create pages with my products feel free to share it at my FAN page.

Have a wonderful day!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tutorial | Blending + Masking

Hi ladies!
Today I wanna share with you about how to use masking and blending.
First I am going to open a frame I created (and will coming this Friday).

  • Drag the photo to the "circled" layer.

  • Control click to the selected layer

  • Select the choosen layer, click the circled icon (the masking icon),

  • Select the blend layer (the circled one)

  • And select the option from the up left of the layer pallete. :) There's many option that you can try and pick which one you like the best.

  • And here are few of the difference result that you can get when you pick different blending.

Any question please email me:
I will have more tutorial about other kind of blending later. :)

PS: If you haven't read my previous blog and check Lydia's blog, you should. Great blessing in her blog.


Faithbooking by Lydia

Hah.. where am I, never see this from Lydia until now? :)
Today while I do a little browsing to Lydia's Tickle Your Creativity Blog I found this:

You can go to her blog and grab the freebie, and of course I believe she will be happy if you leave her a note. :)
Lydia is a really amazing designer, although she is pretty much 'absent' right now.
But if you browse to | LYDIA DESIGNS STORE | you will be amazed with her so many awesome products! Let me give you some sample:

I honestly never see any stamps that more beautiful than this one.
I of course can babbling more about her. But I'll let you just browse yourself and enjoy it. :)

Now I wanna show you a page I just created with Lydia's paper + freebie and few of my own. :)

SUPPLIES | Lydia Designs: Trust Freebie, Rachel Papers, Kitty Designs: All Taped, Magical Splatter 2, All Stitched, Time to Travel Alpha

Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Stuffs | Cuddle Me Sketches, Magical Splatter 2, All Taped, Freebie

Good night/morning ladies!
I just put few new stuffs today. :)
All of them will be 20% - 30% OFF + extra 10% OFF for subscriber!
For those who are a FAN of my facebook and subscriber, a new exclusive freebie is available.

CUDDLE ME SKETCHES | was created for a really cute baby I just photograph awhile ago.
But this template will works in any kind of pages you wish, even a daily one, as all the templates I created.

Include: 16 papers + 22 templates
I also include extra 2 baby announcement cards 4x6 inches + 1 baby record page 12x12 inches
and lots of hand drawn elements in various colors such as: swirls, bunny, frames, buttons, tiny flowers, envelope, all you can see in the preview.

I am splatter addict. And a magical addict. So why not combine them both?
Also check out Magical Splatter 1.
7 style + black and other colored version
49 pngs in total

Who doesn't like tape?

ALL TAPED | is a "tape" version of my tucked collection, the other one is All Stitched. :)
Now you can see that I love everything that makes the photo looks tucked to the papers. :)
Include in this pack is:
7 style of tape + the colored version and a bonus frame + shadowed version.
All will be 57 pngs in total.
Really FUN!

And the previous FAN freebie is now up at the store with 50% OFF!

Original price: $3.99 | Now: $2

FREEBIE | Today's freebie  is an add-on to my Cuddle Me Sketches
Enjoy it when you "like" my FAN PAGE and being a subscriber.

and now..
for your contribution to my previous peek a boo RAK!
The random winner is:

CONGRATS, sweetie!!
Please email me: kitty.designs@yahoo.comto claim your code!

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