Monday, July 18, 2011

Ruel & Animal Kingdom

During Ruel's school holiday, our family stay at home most of the time.
And I am putting Ruel to Pingu Holiday Class so he has things to do and not get too bored at home since me and his daddy is pretty much busy with some works. 

The Pingu Class is at a Mall.
And in this holiday, the mall has an Animal Kingdom exhibition, with lots of BIG animal dolls.
Last week we visit it and taking some photos. :)
Ruel loves animals and putting the mouse doll on his shoulder.

 photo processing:  My Four Hens' Rosy action

What are you doing during school holiday? :)
Are jumping mall to mall like us? LOL.

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12 June 2011, @MOI


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it's cute ;-)

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