Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ruel's LOGO and hand drawn

Some of you may know what my son Ruel (5 years old) really loves to draw. He is a better artist than me and my hubby I think. At least he is FAR better than both of us while we were at his age. :)

Lately when he draw his sketch, sometimes he put his 'mark' on them.
And he said, it's his LOGO. Yes, he said LOGO! 
He knows LOGO from the Cars'  Logo (he can draw it, too), and of course from a lot of LOGO his daddy made for clients. 

My hubby own and he creates logo, etc, any kind of graphic design stuffs. 
And Ruel grow by looking at all of his daddy's work.

So here I wanna show you Ruel's logo:

The "jr" one is his main logo.
And the 2nd one is his "cool logo". He said "logo keren" in Indonesia. But I think it translated better as "cool logo" in English. :D

And this is his sketch this afternoon:

Every time he finished his sketch he tell the story to us. All of his hand drawn has story in it. So it's interesting. And sometimes it's an entertaining imagination. :)

I just can't imagine can have this kind of joy by having a child.
What a blessing.

Thank God for it. :)
And thanks for reading..

Blessing to you and family.


Soco said... Best Blogger Tips

Love it! He has a great imagination and he's very talented! Thank you for sharing Kitty!

whisper said... Best Blogger Tips

thank u, Soco, for commenting.. he is a blessing for me.. *hugs*

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