Saturday, July 23, 2011

What I Love Today

What is your daily routine?

For me every day I spend most of the time at computer, watching Ruel playing, laughing.
Yesterday I feel extremely bored and wanna do something different. But it's Wednesday, middle of the week and I definitely can't go out and have fun and leave the family, after all I am a mom. So I steal some time while Ricks were playing basket ball with church friends and go to a near Mall, Mall of Indonesia, and spend around 3 hours there, bringing my computer, sit at Starbucks, ordering Ice Signature Chocolate, without whip cream of course. And start to work.. And it does make a difference in my mood. So anytime you get bored, go and do something different, even a very little one, trust me it does make a difference, at least for me. :)

I draw a little of my daily activity yesterday:

I took some photos of Ruel playing baloon. Ignore the ugly background. :P It's a daily photo anyway. :)

It's a good day after all. I chat with Winnie (Charlize) and Lydia after a long break, I think months after our last chat. And we update each other with our latest news. Talking about family, design, health, and supporting each other. And I feel good doing that. I had meet both of them in real life. Me and Lydia know each other from scrapbooking, but me and Winnie had know each other from other Indonesian forum at 2002.

Anyway, I am glad to be able to "fix" my mood, having a little "me" time, connected again with friends, and still enjoy my family.

What are you doing when you are bored? :)

I hope you all have a great day, too! Wishing you a wonderful time and a blessed day.



An said... Best Blogger Tips

ow Kitty I like your drawings!! a nice way to spend your day.
Here the kids are bored after 3 weeks vacation (and still 3 to go) but they are playing WII party a lot and I am watching and helping them while making a some templates ;-)
Have a great day!!

Kitty said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you, Ang..
Actually not much different than the other days but a little difference does make a changes in my mood, and I remember years ago I wrote diary and draw here & there. Never did that again, so it feels good to be able to get back to old habit after awhile. Thanks for reading. :D
Hhahahaa and yes long vacation could be boring if we don't make any activity, but it's good that they are in a group, 4 boys can never loose their imagination. :D Have a sweet day, too, Ang! Luv ya!

An said... Best Blogger Tips

I try to do my journaling now and then in my scrappages, but drawing like that I can't. It is a really fun way to document such moments!
Does Ruel go to school already or has he vacation too?
The boys here can play together and I'm glad they can. We will go to see Cars 2 monday so they are excited about that and Ben will go and stay a few days with my husbands aunt and his grandma's so he has a few things planned :-)

Charlize_C said... Best Blogger Tips

Love every seconds if it! Good to have chit chat with you two!
Btw .. love the red shirt you wear there LOL ....

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