Thursday, December 29, 2011

Vacation :)

Start from tomorrow until around 4-5 January 2011, I will be out of town, I am not sure if I will have an internet access, so early HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone... when I am back I will do the count for the winner of Daily Tale comment on my blog. The comment counting when it posted from 1 December - 31 December 2011. The sale for Daily Tale will be extended until I am back from vacation... so if you haven't grab the whole collection, you still have time until then. :)

Hugs and big blessing for everyone..

Thanks for all the comments and also for the idea of bundle version..
It's actually in my mind, too.. however the 1st idea is selling piece per piece with a "bundle price" break into smaller pieces, so everyone can mix and match, that is why as you seen the prices are pretty much a steal,.. however I do will make the bundle for forever sale, but if you grab piece per piece for the month it's released, you actually have it in bundle price, too.
Anyway, just stay tuned, I do will have something for those who grab the whole collection. :)
Just have to wait until I am back from my vacation.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day 26, Angry Bird Attack

Angry bird was coming to our house, and ready to attack the truck.. just look at his cruel face...

No way, he was hitted by the truck instead:

He was coming by hiding inside Ruel's hair...

Now here is the page I made:

with my new December Daily Tale 26 and Jacque's amazing Build a Set

More newer December Daily Tale at the Shop.
Go check out.. :D

Have a blessed day!


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Dec day 24 - Final Decoration

After a long hard works, when just a few people involved in the decoration, lots of things happen, sickness, broken tools, etc.. the decoration are finally comes to the end. We brought every stuffs we had been working on at my house to Spring Hill, where our Christmas celebration will be held on.

Some additional stuffs made during the time.. using some paint spray, styrofoam cutter, and wire..

More decoration with boxes, painted with brown..

and Ricks hung the letters.. no stair, so we use chairs.. :D

the almost final decoration.. this is my pastor.. :)

and these are all of us. :)

CTC Christmas Celebration, 6 pm, Spring Hill, 25 December 2011. :)
Let's meet Jesus there!

And for my hubby Ricks, you had done an awesome works, sweet! :) 

Have a blessed day and a bright beautiful Christmas!!


Friday, December 23, 2011

Dec day 23 - Movie & Paint

One of my fave Family time, unsurprisingly is watching the movie. And unsurprisingly, too, I love children movie, such as family cartoon, animal films, etc. Today we choose Arthur's Christmas. I even had a teary moment at the end of the story. You should watch it. :)

Due to some Christmas Church Decoration we were really busy doing it in these past few days, we met Stella, her mom, and Glen before we watch the movie, to deliver some Christmas stuffs. :)

And just a few minutes before I blog, Ruel draw this:

It's an earth with a crying sun, and and laughing moon. :)
As I said here at: Dec day 6 - Ruel's Experiment and Oh-the-love-of-Planets! 
Ruel loves planet. :) A very quick drawing and painting.. and here is it, un-edited as always:

the white part at the earth is North Pole, he said, so he insist it has to be white. :)

Ok that's my today. :)
I will have to show you my new collab, but gotta go now, more Christmas preparation for the church need to be done, it's getting closer to Christmas celebration.. big YAY!

Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Exploring Singapore Album + Daily Tale

I had finally start my Exploring Singapore album. I plan to do this as soon as possible, before I lost my scrapping interest, as I have hundred of photos to scrap. :) The pages here had turn into Daily Tale templates as well.. :D

Here are the 1st pages:

And here are few new Daily Tale products:

A new calendar set in 7 colors to mix and match:

Original price: $2.5, Now: $1.75

All of them are in a REALLY good price. :)

 Hugs and blessing for everyone!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Nouvelle Groove Collaboration + The Sketch 38

Hi ladies!
New year is coming in a short time!
This time I am collaborating with my girl: Winnie aka Studio Charlize
check out Charlize's blog: Life in Beautiful Frames
Me and her known each other 2002 from the internet before we finally met and be a best friend. She attend my wedding as well. We have a really different personality, but I can claim her as my girl! Someone that I can trust, supporting me, and I supporting her as well.

We bring you: Nouvelle Groove

Original price: $7.99 | Now: $6.4
if you are a subscriber, you will got an extra 10% OFF coupon. :)

22 papers

1 pack of alphas

60+ elements:
1 arrow
1 baloons
1 baloons with 2012
2 recolored heart baloons
1 border
4 recolored blank tags
2 butterflies
3 recolored bow
2 champagne bottles
1 champagne botte with magical flow
1 clock
2 fire works doodle (different design)
1 glitter fire works
1 paper flower
3 recolored flowers
4 frames
1 falling glitter dots
2 glitter swirlies
1 heart
1 heart border
1 journal
2 ladies (with and without sticker)
1 stem
2 glitter splats
2 masks
1 stitched carboard
1 stitches
2 scattered butterflies (with and without shadow, 4 total)
3 screws (recolored)
2 sequins (with and without shadow, 4 total)
1 stapled tab
1 star metal border
2 swirl diamond
1 washi tape
1 new year word
6 word strips

here are few inspiration:

also available a coordinated template for $1 only:

Also check out the Daily Tale Section at the store:

Don't forget:
This December, leave your comment anywhere in my DECEMBER  post at blog and you got a chance to win, the more you post the bigger chance you have:
(1) $25 to my store
(2) $10 to my store
for the coming year! :)
Happy holiday!


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dec day 12 - Arriving at Singapore

So... I just arrived at Indonesia again this very early morning.. and still feel tired right now.. :)
But our family having a super great time! So glad to finally get the internet back.. :)

Once we were out of the aeroplane.. I was sooo hurry up to take a photo of Ruel in a beautiful spot at the airport before realizing that we are not allowed to take a photo there.. thankfully the airport guy not wanting me to delete this photo.. hehe..

At our 1st 2 days... our family stay at my betsie's house. I am glad to finally met little Michael again. And Ruel also love this cute guy!! So here are both of them when we just arrived..

No MRT at Indonesia.. so my little guy loves this! He sit and stand happily.. and of course another photos taken.. :)

We visit Singapore Science.. not enjoying this as much as I though.. and Ruel still too young to understand this.. however the "sound" place is more interesting.. We were actually expecting planets, because Ruel loves planets, but we didn't see anything really "planet" there.. :)
Actually it was a great place, it just not really fit us yet. :) And since I am not a "science" person.. so well.. this probably the reason I am not "into" this place.

BUT the Snow City is cool! Much too small that I though the place will be, but hey Ruel LOVES this! There's no snow in our country and we never feel it at all.. so the snow-made is fun! Ruel loves the sliding with tire, and we repeat it 3 times.. :) long queue, but well deserve! Love this place!

We are not the one who took these 2 photos at Snow City btw.. we bough it from the counter. :)

Back at my friend's house.. we spend the night at Vivo City.. Toy R Us.. the kids loves there.. and the merlion is made from Lego! Awesome!!

That's our 1st day at Singapore! Love it!

a little something about the store
My Natural Lines Paper Pack are still in a great deal!
Have you grab it?

Susanne & Re Sales creating these gorgeous pages:

More inspiration, new goodies, etc will be posted tomorrow.. (or probably Monday).
I still feel so tired today, but glad can update this blog after almost a week break! :D

Happy holiday everyone!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Day Off! :)

Hi everyone!
This is me saying good bye from 12-16 Dec 2011.
I will be back on 16 Dec 2011.
If you need me, just email me to
however I can reply you by 17 Dec 2011. :)

Meanwhile here are my newest goodies, with a really good deal!

Original price: $3.5 | Now: $2.1
Include 15 krafted pattern papers.
This pack is an additional paper pack that I use for Daily Tale project.
So along with the Daily Tale goodies, this will be on sale, even better, it's 40% OFF just until end of December!

IF you are a subscriber, remember you can use your "Daily Tale" code to add an extra 10% OFF for this paper pack as well! :)

and other daily tale new goodies:

and these are $1 just until end of this week:

and another $1 limited goodies:

you got to check these section:
few older kits are on 50% OFF sale till end of this week!

and this coming on The Lilypad store on 16 Dec 2011:

 and the good things is..
it's a collab! :D

Ok.. that's all for today, and this is surely my last post!
Good bye everyone..
See u next week!

Hugs and blessing for everyone!

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