Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dec day 12 - Arriving at Singapore

So... I just arrived at Indonesia again this very early morning.. and still feel tired right now.. :)
But our family having a super great time! So glad to finally get the internet back.. :)

Once we were out of the aeroplane.. I was sooo hurry up to take a photo of Ruel in a beautiful spot at the airport before realizing that we are not allowed to take a photo there.. thankfully the airport guy not wanting me to delete this photo.. hehe..

At our 1st 2 days... our family stay at my betsie's house. I am glad to finally met little Michael again. And Ruel also love this cute guy!! So here are both of them when we just arrived..

No MRT at Indonesia.. so my little guy loves this! He sit and stand happily.. and of course another photos taken.. :)

We visit Singapore Science.. not enjoying this as much as I though.. and Ruel still too young to understand this.. however the "sound" place is more interesting.. We were actually expecting planets, because Ruel loves planets, but we didn't see anything really "planet" there.. :)
Actually it was a great place, it just not really fit us yet. :) And since I am not a "science" person.. so well.. this probably the reason I am not "into" this place.

BUT the Snow City is cool! Much too small that I though the place will be, but hey Ruel LOVES this! There's no snow in our country and we never feel it at all.. so the snow-made is fun! Ruel loves the sliding with tire, and we repeat it 3 times.. :) long queue, but well deserve! Love this place!

We are not the one who took these 2 photos at Snow City btw.. we bough it from the counter. :)

Back at my friend's house.. we spend the night at Vivo City.. Toy R Us.. the kids loves there.. and the merlion is made from Lego! Awesome!!

That's our 1st day at Singapore! Love it!

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More inspiration, new goodies, etc will be posted tomorrow.. (or probably Monday).
I still feel so tired today, but glad can update this blog after almost a week break! :D

Happy holiday everyone!!!


Monique1971 said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Kitty, wonderful photos. So glad for you that you are in Singapore now. Must have been an exhausting trip! Love the airport photo!

ckcpurple said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks like fun!!!!

Soco said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm happy you had a great time Kitty! I hope you had a beautiful Christmas too! Hugs!!!

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