Friday, December 9, 2011

Dec day 8 - This Smile

So it’s this day again, bad camera day when I forgot to buy a new battery for the flash but I don’t wanna loose this simple cute everyday moment of Ruel watching his fave movie: Tom and Jerry. I just love his super smile. Ruel loves movies and he often said that he wants to make a movie one day, car movie specifically, he called it Cars 3D. But Tom and Jerry always be the one that can makes him laugh hard. :)

I am very busy these few days, catching up everything before starting my holiday. on 12-16 December my family & I will fly to Singapore for a family holiday. :) Finally!

How's everyone! Wish u a great beautiful day! :)

a little something about the store

I just put few new templates at the store. Check out: DAILY TALE .. If you are a subscriber, you know the code! :)

which I use in my December Day 7 (previous post) page:

Hugs, everyone!
Thanks for reading!! :)



Soco said... Best Blogger Tips

My DD loves Tom and Jerry too! And so do I! :) It's great that you're flying back home for the Holidays! I'm happy for you! :)

Bunnyfreak said... Best Blogger Tips

Great layouts.

Monique1971 said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Kitty, so happy for you that you can go visit your family! Hope you all will have a wonderful time.

ckcpurple said... Best Blogger Tips

OMG! That grin with his artwork is priceless!!!

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