Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dec day 10 - Mothers' Day

We were having a really wonderful day today at Tunas Bangsa school.. as we were celebrating Mothers Day. Ruel and all children in this class were creating this card with a cute letter inside. :) The teachers hung it on the rope in front of the class.

This is my little Ruel's "ompong" smile (ompong means: "no teeth"), this new smile surely makes me smile, too. Hehe..

And this is him and friends performing a very sweet song about mama and papa.. :)

And the greatest of all.. :D
Mommy and Child's Make Up competition.. it should be called "make-down" instead actually. :D

Ruel is so so so excited! He draw crazily on my face.. but a little unfair as he doesn't want me to draw on him. I end up looks so silly but hey, we won! 2nd winner. Not bad at all! Hahaha.. It was fun! I always happy join a kid's event like this! A child in me never satisfied! Hehehe..

This is my day 10! I had skip day 9 yesterday, although I have photos to go, probably I will post tomorrow. Been very tired and fall a sleep earlier yesterday. :)

How's everyone's day 10???
Thanks for reading! :)

a little something about the store
on oscraps' day 10, my whole store will be 30% OFF

and here are few of my new goodies:

Great chance to got these, too:

some inspiration:

Have a wonderful day! :)



weaselwatchr said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi I just purchased the second daily tale date kit, and there is no download link for it in my email? Should I email oscraps about it. It is very strange. It is listed on my invoice at the site, but no link either. Thanks

ckcpurple said... Best Blogger Tips

Loving his toothy grin and the new products!!!!

idahorhodes said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the contest you guys won! Congratulations!

Kitty said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Danica, I just manually send it to your email.. sorry for the trouble.. please let me know if you have any more troubles.. you can send me direct email, it should be faster. :D thanks for your purchase.. I hope you like it.. *hugs*

Ckpurple, thank u, sweetie.. :D

Idahorhodes, hehe.. thank you. :D

An said... Best Blogger Tips

How wonderful that the celebrate mothers day at the school! I hope you had a lovely day!
What a great photo of Ruel, love that smile ;-)

Soco said... Best Blogger Tips

What a lovely way to celebrate! :) Happy Mother's day Kitty! Hugs!

Janneke said... Best Blogger Tips

Congrats on getting 2nd place!

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