Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dec day 3 - Scrap Gathering & Cleaning Day

Dec Day 3 is a visit by Winnie (Charlize Creation - shop | blog) from SBG to our city, Jakarta.
Me, Lydia ( shop | blog ) and Armina ( shop | blog ) had a short and really fun meeting today. Talking about life and of course scrapbooking. :)

Here are few of our photos.. :)

date by Amy Martin - The Lily Pad

and in the end of the day, is cleaning day. :)
me in my not-good-looking-mode, cleaning our new house from spider web. Hopefully next year we can move there when we able to bough house stuffs (pray & wish).

using left side of December Daily Tale 1

PS: I will coming with a new template for each day of December soon. Stay tuned! :)


ckcpurple said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the picture of the new house. It looks so light and airy!!!

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