Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dec day 6 - Ruel's Experiment and Oh-the-love-of-Planets!

Day 6 on December 2011 is about Ruel experimenting sleeping on the floor. Go up stair and grab a chair bag from papi’s office, put in on the floor in our room and he start to sleep. Of course he wasn’t really happy when he woke up as it’s hot. But at the night he try again to play with socks on  his hands and feet and sleep on the chair bag again. Lately he loves to experimenting with various things. It’s really cute seeing him being “creative” although it’s messy.

*is it call "chair-bag"? I am not sure, somebody wanna help telling me what is that yellow pillow chair thingy called?*

Today, I decide to play with some colors after creating more whites these past few days.. :)

Oh, and still about Ruel and his socks!
See how he put the socks on his hands? That's his new trend. :)

Night is when Ruel asking his daddy about the earth, the planets, what does it look, is it hot, is it round, and everything about it, and he & Ricks watching the planet with I-phone. I love to see his interest with planets, pretty much like me when I was a kid... :)

Product use here:
papers from Hope and Joy Kit, elements from: Joyus, pin from Pin and Punch

all the photos were edited with My Four Hens' Vintage Crush

Love Sarah's works!!

And here is the double page:

just put this up for today's late release :)

So.. how's your day 6?
Wow!! Day 6! It's almost 1 week at December!

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PS2: and answering what Katie asked me at Dec Day 5 - Spider Web .. yes, I let Ruel draw on all the walls in our room. Not in the whole house, just the room. He can draw, or stick his hand drawn here and there on the wall, whatever he wants. When I was a kid, I always wanna do that, when I don't have a full permit for doing this, I had a room in my childhood where we never use it upstair and I draw on the walls everywhere. I love it! :) And I want my son love it without concerning about the beauty, harmony, or whatever. Just let him experimenting, and explore. Later.. I will just paint them all! :)

Hugs and thanks for reading!


Monique1971 said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Kitty, wonderful spread! I so much love your style :o). Thanks for the chance to win a coupon.

Soco said... Best Blogger Tips

He's so cute and I love his willing to learn and to experiment! You have a wonderful boy! :)

ckcpurple said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful layout! I love that you let him draw on the wall, explore and satisfy his curiosity. Great parenting!!!

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