Friday, December 9, 2011

Dec day 9 - Chapel

It'd been awhile.. but I got a chance to take some photo shoot at Ruel's chapel at the school today.
I always love to be involved with Ruel's school activity as it gonna be a moment for me to watch  Ruel's interaction with other people instead of his own family. :)

It was an amazing fun moment as always! The kids are cute, funny, and adorable! They are a treasure comes from heaven! :)

Love the school, love the teachers! :)

A short notice, I will be away from 12-16 December.. so this gonna be either my last post or my 2nd last.
See you again next week! :)


Soco said... Best Blogger Tips

They are adorable!
Enjoy your days off, Kitty! See you soon! :)

ckcpurple said... Best Blogger Tips

Sweet pics of all the kids!!!

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