Friday, July 4, 2008


I actually don't really know what I want to say.
But lately I feel up and down about the digi land. :) I love competition and really, I am somehow competitive too. But it's very important for me to have a fair 'play' while those things seems to be not really important for some people.

These few months really open my eyes about the face of this 'competition'.
Copy stuffs, back stabbing things, not grateful people, and also some other 'little unfair play', those that I never mention anywhere.
And once, when I tried to help people, it seems to end up negative for me, too. I really don't understand why. Well.. not really interested to know the 'why' things anyway. Sometimes things are hard to understand, and some people really love to make things complicated. So whatever, it won't bother me anymore once I end this babbling section. Hehhee..
But yeah... it's open my eyes.

Bad (or good?) things is.. I still stuck with myself. I still can't play like "them".
Some people call that integrity.
But hmm.. I think I rather said it "habit".
I am temper, not very patient, spontaneous, etc etc...
I have tons of negative character in me.
But I really REALLY really really don't like gossip and speculating, and playing unfair.
Some people easily think negative or speculate on me for my silent (or motivation while - I only mean to help).
While other who knows me very well come to me and asked and they get the answer.. :)
Am I wrong for being silent and don't like to talk? Whatever it is, wrong or not, it's really hard to change a 'don't like talking' person to be chatty.

Bleh.. blabling again. I need to sleep.


Anne C said... Best Blogger Tips

Hope things get better!

Toby said... Best Blogger Tips

I, too, hope things get better for you. I love your designs and your hubby's designs are awesome too!

PS..I don't mind babbling...I think it helps to get it out!

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