Saturday, July 12, 2008

Thank uuuuu..... ((Hugs))

All girls,
I am truly thank you for all the comments you had made for my last blog post.
Really, I didn't know I will get those response. I didn't play at Blog Train, I didn't post anything, anywhere, about what I feel. just a little simple 'whinning' post at my blog.
And I got 11 response, amazing care, and everything that makes my heart warmth! Thank u so much... that means a tons for me...

It's true that lately I am feeling down.
Something just happen to me when I wrote that blog. And not long after that, another things happen again. And it let me down. But when I read all the blog comments, it's encourage me to be strong.
All these things comes from this digi world, and it's honestly freaks me out about this 'world'.


I tend to be silent everytime I got a problem. And even when I heard people bad mouth about me while I did nothing, and while people don't even confirm me or asked about the truth, I also silent. I didn't then go to 'best friends' or anyone to tell 'my story'. What I did is sit at my corner with a teary eyes and said: forgive, forget, ugh.. it's hard... but I must win this!

For more than 1 week my siggy said:
If Jesus forgive me, why I not forgive?
I don't think anyone realize that (I had change my siggy now.. lol), but it never means for people to read, it's for me to read everytime I online and everywhere I go and post, to remind me that I should not feed bad feelings, and I should not fight back, because that's NEVER be my part. My part is to forgive, my part is to do the best, my part is do what is right, and not based on my feelings. It's never ever easy, and I am struggling with this feeling more than a week.

I realize that we can not live and make a decission based on what we feel today, or what people said, or what the majority did, or what is the condition.
Therefore we also can not blame the situation for what happen to us.
We need to take a step based on what is RIGHT, what is the truth. And that's call integrity.

Integrity never be an easy things.
Integrity stands while no one see me, stands in every condition, bad or good, happy or not happy.
And integrity never stand based on what people said, what I feel today, what is the weather, and what is the condition.
Integrity stands base on the righteousness .

I still learn about this and I will never stop learning.


And about Oscraps.. it's true that I am very very very happy to be there. Both me and my hubby love the store and loves everything there. :)

Happy weeekend everyone..
God bless your days...



jaye said... Best Blogger Tips

Kitty, it sounds like you are well on your journey of discovery. Discovery can be many things and like life it changes with each passing day. I wish for you to continue your journey and find what makes your soul happy and at peace.

Eve said... Best Blogger Tips

*huggs* I hope you are feeling better today!!

DawnMarch said... Best Blogger Tips

sorry you are going through a difficult time, Kitty. Hope you are able to find some peace about it.

Elaine said... Best Blogger Tips

Hope things are better today, hugs to help you through a difficult time

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

(((hugs))) Kitty! Hang in there - you have a lot of loyal fans to support you! :)

Amy said... Best Blogger Tips

congrats on oscraps! yeah, sometimes people don't understand that it's YOUR siggy line! :) i love the quote.

SarahB said... Best Blogger Tips

So glad you got comments at a time where you really needed them. Wishing you peace.

Toby said... Best Blogger Tips

I am hoping this post finds you feeling better. I can definitely understand your feelings and thoughts.

ChrissyW said... Best Blogger Tips

what a great saying/quote - great reminder! take care!!

fa11enan9e1 said... Best Blogger Tips

Kitty! That's definitely a great thing to do... A lot of times having something there to remind you can really help and make you feel better. I'm so glad that you're feeling better.. There's a lot of things that can get people down but I know you're strong enough to get through it! Congratulations on Oscraps!

trinad said... Best Blogger Tips

Kitty stay strong! Remember that what others say only looks bad in the face of God! Tons of ((hugs) sent your way! Luv you!! Trina

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