Wednesday, February 24, 2010

About Ruel and a Peek a Boo RAK.. ;) {CLOSED}

Hi ladies!!
Thank you so much for your sweet comments on Ruel's art, really makes me happy.. so happy.. Thanks for let me share some of my happiness..

And I had answer some question in my comment box but just incase you don't read..

For those who questioned why his therapies won't let him learn drawing (Denise and TeenaBugg38), yes Ruel has PDD NOS (pervasive development disorder - not other specific), it's under DSM IV category, under the autism spectrum. Even though you can hardly recognize him when you met him, unless you are a mother of child with special needs, which will train your eyes to be easily recognize children with the same spectrum as your children. :) In other words, he is very very mild, after 2 years therapy.

, what is your blog? I would like to read your story, too, if you write them at your blog. :)

(Well I think I wanna write his story one day)

He has a really high imagination, sometimes kinda vivid, and his therapies afraid that drawing class can make his imagination goes wider (and maybe wilder? :P ). But really I don't really get it either if that can makes a big deal. So I just follow my mother instinct to just go for it. ;)

And all.................., thank u sooooooo much, it makes my cheek bloom now. LOL.

I was thinking about the little drum, too, but since I not an expert in music (I do play guitar but autodidact - so I have no basic at all), so I kinda confuse how to teach him. But maybe I can just do it for fun, right? Just for him to understand this.

Anyway, today Ruel was absent from school because of cough, flu, and vomit yesterday. Well.. no fever but the weather is totally bad bad bad lately, and many children got cough, too, and his class, so I decide to take him a break and take a rest at home.

We are doing a drawing activity. He wanna draw his go-kart but it's actually too complicated for a 3 year, but well.. he insist and ok.. let's do it I think. Even though we change some of the colors. Especially the "black" color. I wanna teach him to avoid black, silver, and gold color 1st as it's tend to make the overall art "die", unless he already an expert on it (well hope you understand what I mean - my English is limited). :P

This was the latest creative progress.
Well NO we are not drawing on the bed. We do all on the table, just the latest touch. Hehehe.. This is when I tought it was finished already then I realize he haven't give the finishing touch (the sky), so I am giving him the book and asked him to give the finishing touch, and he did that.


ops.. this is how the go-kart looks like:
This photo was taken Sept 11, 2009 - Friday. The 1st time we bough it. :) Just wanna show you how the go-kart looks like.


and here is the latest result. :)


the "yellow" was changed to red. It's what he wants.
But the black wheel and steering wheel is what I asked him to change the colors. Red is also his choice.
Others are all his choice of colors.


He wasn't looking at the camera, since there's a dog show on TV while I took the photo. :)

That's our activity today. :)

Anyway.. now this is the other thing I wanna share with you. :)
I am opening another Peek-a-Boo-RAK!!
The theme is BOYS BOYS BOYS! :D


So just leave me something here and you can win it.

Just a note, since I will be off for holiday - it's my 1st vacation after 5 years.. :) , after I post the winner I will be off for 3 days with no internet, so you need to wait a bit longer before you got the coupon. :)

Don't forget to check back here for the winner!

Have a blessed and haaaaappy day!!


PS: CLOSED and winner posted! :)


Gina Barnaba said... Best Blogger Tips

It's really adorable! Thank you for the chance to win! Hugs!

Wonder of my heart said... Best Blogger Tips

Ohh he looks sooooo cute and a darn great and gorgeous drawing too, he's good!!! hihihi A little holliday huh? Do you have some free spave in your luggage for me? Ohh I really need some time off and go on vacation, hope you will have a lot of fun and relaxation time!!!

The little Peek a Boo looks amazinggg!!! Don't have a little fellow of my own, but some of my friends have so I can make gorgeous raks for them hihihi ;)
Thanks for the chance sweetie!!

Have a wonderful rest of the week! Bless you, hugs Natascha

Pris' said... Best Blogger Tips

wowwwww your son's photos and pictures are so amazing !!! He's drawing very colorful which is stunning and probably means that his mind is happy and colorful too... Congratulations little boy !! :)

no_idea said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks like a fun kit!

LHadgis said... Best Blogger Tips

It's no wonder where your son got his artistic abilities. I can't wait to see the entire kit...from what I can see it will be the perfect boy kit!

the OkieToothfairy said... Best Blogger Tips

It looks adorable! Thanks!

TeenaBugg38 said... Best Blogger Tips

Ooooh this is adorable!! I have five boys so this would be put to good use :)

Mary said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks like a very fun boy kit! Thanks for the chance to win it.

OliO said... Best Blogger Tips

Picture of your son so wonderful! He is your inspiration! I also have two sons! This magnificent kit is perfect for the scrap their photos! Thanks for the chance! I love your work!

Andra said... Best Blogger Tips

The peek looks awesome!! Have a wonderful vacation and thanks for the chance!

Micha said... Best Blogger Tips

Your little is such a cutie!
Thank you so much for the change to win. I love boy kits for my little. Never can get enough

Zoey said... Best Blogger Tips

The peek is amazing! It is so nice that it is a boy kit this time. Thank you so much for the chance to win.

Have a nice day!

Sweet Escape said... Best Blogger Tips

He's adorable!!!! Love his art work!!!

Ольга mamaUmki said... Best Blogger Tips

WOW!!! That should be for the boys! Super! Thanks for the chance:)

seameaw said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow! he is really very good in drawing! it looks so good and it's pitty that he cannot go to art class...
Your new kit is amazing as always, Kitty! i love your design! and it looks like you got inspiration from your little artist!

kay said... Best Blogger Tips

TY for this chance, Kitty. I have a feeling that I am gonna LOVE this kit!

Stevie said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Kitty, Ruel's drawings are awesome!! I hope you have a wonderful vacation, you deserve it! The sneak peek looks awesome, I have two sons and I love little boy kits! Thank you for the chance and have a safe trip if your traveling.

Ruth said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow...looks like very cute and fun boy kit! Thanks for the chance!

Léia Harmon said... Best Blogger Tips

have a good vacation :) thanks for this chance to win new kit, I have a little boy.

Vesnyshka said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks like a very fun boy kit! Thanks for the chance to win it

Jacqueline said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, it looks fantastic - the colours inspired by a little artist I've seen recently?
Can't wait, Kitty

Yam said... Best Blogger Tips

It's awesome to read he is doing so well, I am folowing it for long time! keep the good job!


MamaBee said... Best Blogger Tips

I hope you enjoy your vacation... you deserve it!! And thanks for the chance to win... the kit peek looks amazing!

Komarik said... Best Blogger Tips

It looks fantastic!!!
Thank you for the chance!!!

Rebecca said... Best Blogger Tips

The Peek a Boo looks adorable! And Ruel's picture looks great too! You've got quite the little artist on your hands!!!

I hope you have a great time on holiday! You deserve it!

Maja said... Best Blogger Tips

I love your blog, because in addition to the beautiful kits also write great!
Thank for the chance to win it:)

Yvon said... Best Blogger Tips

Absolutely love his drawing!!
And I totally know what you mean with the picture, he was watching tv. That is an easy thing to get my girls on the photo nicely. It looks a bit like they are paying attention to me LOL

Great oppertunity to win the new kit!
And enjoy your well deserved vacation :)

Helen said... Best Blogger Tips

looks FANTASTIC Kitty!

Anna said... Best Blogger Tips

Have a great holiday!!!

Valleygirl said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, that would be perfect for my little boy! Thanks for the chance to win it!
ps: Your boy is such a good drawer! Much better than me, lol

Tina O'Flynn said... Best Blogger Tips

What a sweet little boy you have and so artistic! I love his drawing. have you used his drawings in some layouts?

Tatiana said... Best Blogger Tips

WOW!!! This fantastic kit for the boys! Cute! Thanks for the chance!!!

Pauline said... Best Blogger Tips

Your son's drawings are awesome! There's no doubt that he will be an artist like you. Your new kit really looks so adorable and wonderful, Kitty! This will be perfect for my nephews! Thank you for the chance and have a great vacation! You really deserve it!

EVelasco said... Best Blogger Tips

Your son is so talented!

The peek to your new kit is so gorgeous. Thank you for the chance to win it.

sophia said... Best Blogger Tips

Your son is so adorable and very talented! Your new kit looks so amazing. I love that it is for boys this time. I am always grateful to you for doing these RAK's in your blog giving us all the chances to win your amazing kits. Thank you for the chance.


Keizerin said... Best Blogger Tips

Your son has surely inherited your artistic abilities, so bright and happy! Your new kit looks amazing, I can't wait to see the full reveal! Hope you have a fantabulistic (and well deserved) vacation!

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