Sunday, February 21, 2010

A little interuption bla bla from me. ;)

Beautiful and beautiful share, everyone!!
Right now I had read from post 1 to 12 (Natascha to Gabi). And I had been touched for such a simple words but strong expression from you. Keep on posting, it does bless me and I know others, too!

Looking at our boy's eye just when he woke up like Maygirl said.. and falling inlove again with tiny little children like Ree-Ree said... I agree it.. I always amazed on how such a little children can fill our heart with such a HUGE love?

and Gabi, I feel the same with you. After I have Ricks and Ruel, Saturday and Sunday had always be my best day of the week as we can spend time together the whooole day!

But other than other beautiful love we have in our life such as family and children. There's also another love that not less beautiful than that, a love that we earn from sacrifice, learn to understand, learn to forgive, learn to accept. A love for others that maybe "not worth" to be loved. As none of us are even worth to be loved as we all covered by sin, yet God's agape love make it transformed to be a human who give His life for us. :)

I read a beautiful book named: The Wednesday Letter.


When I 1st see this book, I only though the cover is beautiful and the story looks interesting. And since I don't have anything to read again lately, I bough the book and start reading it. Then I impressed on how love expressed SO STRONG in this book. A love than born because of a long hurtful progress yet it gave birth to happiness and unity.

It's not only a romantic book, it said a words that I never forget:

Because God forgive, then we have no choice, instead of to forgive.

Those words dancing on my head until today since I finished reading the books around 1 and half week ago. :)

And btw...

NO, the peek-a-boo RAK is still open, no winner yet. :)
I just wanna share what cross my mind now before I go to bed. :)

Go ahead and post for the chance to get my coming soon kit for free at my post below: HERE.

Hugs and have a blessed day or night!

PS: Thank u so much for the beautiful wish, too, Natascha.. and yupe I am impressed by the Sunday Service today. :D



Ree-Ree said... Best Blogger Tips

Isn't Love just wonderfully awesome?

Love never ceases to amaze me...every day.

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