Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bali Crush | Day 1 & 2

So... I just back from Bali!
And that place is really one of the most beautiful place with amaaaazing beach here and there.
With lots of amazing art!

Me & family were there for some working purpose.. but since the client is also my high school best friend, we pretty much spend some holiday time, too.


This is Pantai Kuta Bali, well known for it's sunset view. :) 
The other kid is my best friend's son: Sloan Tambunan

and this is pretty much part of my work, taking a photograph for a cobra snake. It's not dangerous as I took it behind a glass. Although I was a little bit scared at 1st, and the snake try to attack us, but of course they hit the glass instead. However I think their faces looks kind and pretty instead of scary. Deadly pretty. :p



And this is Uluwatu, my Day 2 at Bali.
People came here to see gorgeous view, monkey, and pura.
We can't use ear rings or open our bags carelessly as the monkey will try really hard to steal your goods. Sloan wear a red sandal and the monkey try several times to stole it.
At Bali, if you see a sculpture covered with fabric, it means there's a spirit living inside it.

The 2nd monkey is the one who try to stole Sloan's sandal. But we stole it back. :D

Planet of the Apes.. wkwkwkw..

See the purple fabric we wear? It's not a decoration. We have to wear it to that place to respect the pura. I don't really understand the meaning though.

Ok, that is Day 1 and Day 2. :) I will be back with the other day later with more amazing Bali art!



Caryn Love said... Best Blogger Tips

You are making me so jealous. I was in Bali 8 months ago and wish every day that I was back there. We spent 3 weeks on the island, based ourselves at Balangan but ventured to Dreamlands, Padang Padang, Uluwatu and had a day trip to Ubud. Would love to go back!

Kitty said... Best Blogger Tips

@Caryn Love, we went to Padang Padang at Day 3.. the beach is amazing and since I love dogs, I truly enjoy the view of dogs swimming, and wowww 3 weeks!!! I guess I am the one that should be jealous!! I am only from Friday to Monday! Lol and half with working.. :D If you go to Bali again, u must share it here! *seriously!*
And yes, I would like to go back there, too!! Amazing amazing place to go!

Monique1971 said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Kitty, such beautiful photos and I love the templates you used. Are they from an album of yours? Never been to Bali, but it looks wonderful and very beautiful! Glad you had much fun :o)

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