Monday, September 20, 2010

The Purpose of Your Life on a Starbuck's cup

Do you ever feel bored of your life and kinda lost your purpose?
Honestly I feel it today. But maybe it start since weeks ago while I work and work and work all the time to help filling the cup in my family. And I somehow lost my relationship with God slowly. Which I regret and I wish God will lead my way again.
But again, even when we sleep, God never sleep and never let us go too far.
Today when I open my twitter, I found this:


Which is originally posted here by Rick Warren.
If you are a twitter user, and you love reading inspiring life words in such a deadly world, you should follow him:

I hope this little words can lift your spirit up today.
And I hope the light of the Lord shine your way every step of your life. (which I really wish in my own step right now).


Hollygtn said... Best Blogger Tips

This is really great. Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi kitty, saw this when i opened my fb today, and to be honest, this is exactly what im feeling rite now for the past few months. Im kinda lost my purpose in life and am thinking what is wrong with my life. Im trying to find the answer and thinking a lot. I still dont get the clear idea how to make this better but few weeks ago i started to get closer to God as much as i can, and it helps a lot. My life hasn't change yet, but i believe i will be OK even though the situation is not getting better soon or even getting worst, because i know that God always beside me. Whatever come to my way and wherever i will be. Hope that whoever in the same situation as me and read this know, that you are not alone. There is me and for sure, there is God.

Lia said... Best Blogger Tips

keren banget kata-katanya............. ^^

Rose said... Best Blogger Tips

Yet another reason why I love starbucks! I hope you find your way again...Everything happens for a reason, and God will show you what it is when it is time. ♥

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