Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One Afternoon

Every afternoon Ruel play bicycle to Taman Gajah (a garden near home).
And because it is a everyday activity I rarely take a photo of if. Bored with the view. LOL.
But this time I take his photos and wanna share with you. :)

This is Ruel with his bike:


and this is him showing me a weird face like he always do. LOL.
he always laugh if he see his photo like this.



and this is Ruel with Raphael, a kid that he always met at the garden.


Ruel is such a happy boy, and when he is happy, I am double happy. :)

Thanks for letting me share.

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Helen said... Best Blogger Tips

I {heart} seeing photo's of Ruel!! I can believe that he makes you truely happy!! He makes me smile/laugh every time!

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