Saturday, August 28, 2010

Double Shot Sketches 3 + Album 3

Hi ladies!
Finally the album + sketches are up at the store. :)
I am so happy!
Both will be 30% OFF now!

Here they are:

Double Shot Sketches 3

see the slide show here as posted before.

*the cover design had been change + 1 additional double pager include in this album collection which not shown in the slide show


This is a collection of double pager quick pages:
Include are:

10 double pages template (24x12 inches) + 2 single template (12x12)
*which means you got 22 templates in 12x12 inches
available in PSD & TIFF Version

Include are:
4 papers: 2 solid, 2 pattern
1 word "family"
1 word "story"
2 frames
1 whimsical frame
2 spreading dots
1 hearts

or if you prefer an easier way, i got the album version for you:

Double Shot Album 3 (quick pages)

Include are:

10 double pages quick pages (24x12 inches)
*which means you got 20 quick pages in 12x12 inches

1 front quick page
1 introduction page
1 back quick page

This quick page were created with these kits:
Tiny Things On The Street (mostly)
Naturally Warm

These collection are all personal use only.
If you want to use the sketches for professional please contact me:

And finally, here is the winner of Double Sketches Album 3 & Sketches 3:


which fall to:



congratulation sherrylyn and ina
sherrylyn will win the Double Shot Sketches 3
and ina will win the Double Shot Album 3
both as requested! :)

Please leave me your email address here and I will send you the coupon soon!

Hugs and have a blessed day!


sherrylyn said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow!! This is such a wonderful surprise. So excited and happy to have won. Thank you so much for being so generous by hosting these giveaways. Thank you so much for all your wonderful designs, you are such an inspiration. And thank you so much for this win.

Here is my e-mail:
sherrylyn.g AT gmail DOT com

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