Thursday, August 5, 2010

Music music music

I pretty much VERY picky regarding to music.
I love music, but easily disturb by arrangement that I don't like.
I love slow rock, light jazz (I hardly can enjoy heavy jazz). And I am not an RnB person at all. Not interested in melancholy song.

and when I love a song I keep repeat and repeat it. :)

Lately I am impressed by a song by Sandhy Sondoro.
He is a great singer from Indonesia, but known more at other country such as German, etc.
I am surprised while I know he was in the same country with me. :)

So enjoy...:


Y said... Best Blogger Tips

Sounds really good Kitty!
I'm totally in love with the 'wicked world' song.
I was also surprised to hears she is from my country the Netherlands! LOL

Have a nice day with your family! Hugss!


Kitty said... Best Blogger Tips

hey! I like it, Yvon!!! That was fun!!! Thanks for sharing it for me!!

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