Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wanna win my coming soon album?

Happy Saturday, ladies!
Me and family will going out for dinner soon.
But before I go out, I wanna show u a peek on an album I just finished:


I made this album for my pastor (and beloved friend)'s new born baby: Grace.
I had been given a chance to take a photo of her while she was 12 days old. She even loose her umbilical cord at my home. Hehe.. I really enjoy baby photos. They are the most wonderful creature ever! And they smell soooooo goooood....


So as you see, this the album will be girly. However the sketch (template) itself actually can be used in any kind of pages, not only baby. :) And for an additional, I am adding few more bonus papers - boyish colors - so you can even whip out a boy page as you wish with this sketches collection. To make it fair for boy and girl. Hahhaa.. As I have a boy, too - u know.. and I know how hard it is to make a boy page or album, there will be never enough kits and papers for our boys. *wink wink*

As always there will be 8 papers bonus include in the template set.
If u wanna win it, please comment here and let me know which one do you prefer, album or sketches.
I will draw a winner on Monday.

Multiply your chance by tweet (add @kittydesign), or blog/facebook.



PBie said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh Kitty it's a wonderful photo. It looks so peaceful. Simply fantastically. And I thank you for the great chance. A difficult choice, I would decide on the sketch. Thanks and a wonderful weekend to your loves Hugs Pia.

Eszter(beszteri) said... Best Blogger Tips

So beautiful photo!!!! :) And thank you so much for the chance! I would decide on the sketches too. :)

Jasmin-Olya said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, so cute little girl! And I love your clean and pure pages! Love to get inspiration from them! I would decide on the sketches too. Thanks for a chance!

Quietangelsb said... Best Blogger Tips

beautiful pictures...given the choice, I'd love the sketches as well...thanks

iNg said... Best Blogger Tips

it's pretty kitty. im sure your pastor will love it. tnx for the chance. ♥

katell said... Best Blogger Tips

thanks for the chance! I would prefer sketches!

Maygirl said... Best Blogger Tips

oh, I love your albums but have a boy, so prefer sketches this time, thank you so much for the chance!!!

al201 said... Best Blogger Tips

wow wow wow what a difficult choise, i really love all your kits and in an other hand i love working with template, so if i'll win i'll let you choose for me !!!

krystal said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow so beautiful!! You are so talented! I would be happy with either one, but would love making an album for my baby girl! Thanks for the chance!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

wow, its wonderful. I would prefer the sketches. thank you so much.

Ellen said... Best Blogger Tips

what beautiful photos you made , and a lovely present for the parents

I'd love the album too ( even though I have 3 boys) but who knows my grandchild to be might be a girl

Sarah said... Best Blogger Tips

We just had a photoshoot with our baby son and 2 year old brother. Hope the pictures turn out this great!! I would love to win the sketches!

iMom-Lynn said... Best Blogger Tips

These are simply lovely!! Thank you for the chance to win - I prefer sketches. Thanks again!

jovita said... Best Blogger Tips

Such a beautiful album! Thanks for the chance, Kitty!

Julina said... Best Blogger Tips

I love your sketches. Thank you for the chance.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you for the chance to win it. I will also prefer the sketche.
Wonderful pictures.

Soco said... Best Blogger Tips

OMG! This is so beautiful Kitty! And that photo is just perfection!!! It's difficult to choose, but I think I would go on the sketches this time. Thank you Kitty!

Monique Nicole Fox said... Best Blogger Tips

awesome pics......I prefer sketches

Sulia said... Best Blogger Tips

beautiful photo. and thank you so much for the chance. i would love to win the sketches.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Kitty looks gorgeous! I love your templates I'd love sketches Thanks for a chance!!

Islander Girl said... Best Blogger Tips

Ooh so cute! I love your .psd files. I love using your templates over and over but making them my own each time. Thanks for the chance to win!

Islander Girl said... Best Blogger Tips

Twitted about it here:!/1islandergirl

Yvon said... Best Blogger Tips

Gorgeous Kitty!
Babys really DO smell so good!

I love sketches ofcourse LOL


Cynthia said... Best Blogger Tips

Absolutely gorgeous, Kitty!! The photos are gorgeous, what a beautiful baby! I'd love to win the sketches, please! Thanks for the chance!

Traumelfe said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow! So cute little girl!
Love your amazing page!
I would prefer sketches.
Thank you so much for the chance to win, kitty!

cheryl said... Best Blogger Tips

i'd love to win! thank you
what a beautiful baby! i lvoe babies!

cheryl said... Best Blogger Tips

tweeted it:!/cherylraydesign/status/80140431601582080

Steffi [two cute wishes] said... Best Blogger Tips

Simply GORGEOUS! This Album would be perfect for my 2 little Girls! Thanks for the Chance to win Kitty! oh - and I would decide on the Templates...;)

Meltem said... Best Blogger Tips

Ooooh wow this looks soo amazing! Love the cute photos! Great Job with album and sketches!
Thank for the chance to win, i prefer the sketches :) But the album is absolutly adorable too...


anita said... Best Blogger Tips

I love your albums. With a new grandchild on the way, this would be perfect.

chloevanhee said... Best Blogger Tips

i guess i am too late, but this looks wonderfull

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