Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2 Special Introduction Price for my DOODLE COMMERCIAL USE

Hi ladies!! :)
I am sorry I just back today..
I have an eye issue this week, it said that my eye is too tired so it hurts and I need to take a rest. Well it's hard as I am a computer freak, kinda workaholic.. and I love movies.. lol.

But I got a chance to watch Alice in Wonderland anyway. I also love Johnny Depp's unique acting style.
The story is light but well refreshing. And it's funny to see the Red Queen's BIG head.. soooooooo big and funny character, too. And I always giggle to see the White Queen's funny hand. LOL.

Anyway, as I am so tired, I only manage to put 2 of my commercial doodles at store.
It's actually had been in my PC for a while as they are my tools for creating. :) I love them and still use them really often!

I just wanna introduce them to you all with a REEEEEEALLLY SPECIAL PRICE!
I hope you enjoy them! :)

Doodle Pattern Overlay 1 (CU)
ONLY $2 NOW!!!


A Commercial Use Set for Designer or Scapper.

You can use this to make a paper or even use all the doodles here for your elements need. All images are in separate layers and available in TIFF and PSD Version.

You will receive only 1 TIFF and 1 PSD Version, with all OVER 30 DOODLES in different layer (shapes and lines) to maximized your creativity.

The Sample Paper in COLORED Version in the additional preview is NOT INCLUDE and only shown for sample on how to use it for your unique paper.

Credit are no required, but gladly appreciated.

NO coupon allowed to use in purchasing this item.

anyway just wanna see you the sample paper on how to use it on paper work:

and another one is:

Mixed Pattern Overlay 1 (CU)
ONLY $5 NOW!!!


9 unique pattern for Designer and Scapper Use.
No texture, some layered version available in TIFF!

Credit are no required, but gladly appreciated.

NO coupon allowed to use in purchasing this item.

Enjoy and have a blessed day!
And come back here soon as I will open a PEEK A BOO RAK soon!



Wonder of my heart said... Best Blogger Tips

They look great Kitty!!! How is it with your eye? Look good after yourself, your health is the most important than a computer ;) hihi

Hugs Natascha

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