Saturday, January 9, 2010

Winner!! :D

Based on random generator the winner is:

$15: number 24: татьяна Yshko s aka Tatyana

$10: number 12: Denise aka wererich

Number 19: efinarose aka Rose
Number 23: Magdalena (m2m)
Number 11: Yvon

Congrats for all... :D
And please leave me your email addy here, I will send u the coupon asap. :D

I'll be back later today.
Now I wanna spend time with DH and Ruel 1st...

Hugs to u all.. and thank u for posting a little about yourself, I really enjoy getting to know a little about u..

Have a blessed day.



татьяна Yshko said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow! I so do not expect! It is so nice and cool!! Thank you very much for a stunning surprise! I am very very happy !!!!!
I wish you a lot a lot of joy in your celebration today!! A lot of surprises, laughter and smiles! Happiness to you! I embrace you warmly!
Thanks again for a surprise. My email

Yvon said... Best Blogger Tips

Whoeoe, Cool!
Thank you! my email

I hope you have a nice birthday! And enjoy the year when you are 30!

Hugs, Yvon

efinarose said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow!!! This made me so happy. This was indeed a very lovely surprise. Thank you so much. Here is my e-mail add: efinarose AT gmail DOT com

Wonder of my life said... Best Blogger Tips

Congrats to you girls!!

Kitty, congratulations with your birthday!! Enjoy your day!

Hugs Natascha

Denise aka wererich said... Best Blogger Tips

oh my gosh!!!! you just totally made my day! here's my email address:

I was up late last night because my carbon monoxide alarm kept going off so I was scared something was wrong in the house. Then it went off again this morning. My windows are open but I didn't get much sleep so this just totally made my day. Thank you so much!

Stevie said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy Birthday Kitty, I hope you have a wonderful day!Congratulations ladies!

Abeille said... Best Blogger Tips

Congrats to alls!!! You are soo lucky!!!

Magdalena (m2m) said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Kitty!!!
Wow, I can't believe I'm the lucky one :):):) Thank you!!!! It's a great surprise for me :):):)
My e-mail is: magda2m AT wp DOT com
Thank you once more :):):)

Magdalena (m2m) said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Kitty!!! I have other e-mail magda AT dhr DOT pl and my DST nick is m2m in case the other mail didn't work. Thank you for writing to me :)

Hugs, Magda.

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