Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our 6th Wedd Anniversary. :)

21st May is our 6th year anniversary. :)
It's a 6 blessed year and we had been through a lot of things. :)
I can't post a lot as it's Sunday and we still have our family time.
But here we are..


We both were listening this song yesterday (and also today):

as this is our wedding song when we enter the wedding hall.
A great reminder that our marriage based on and for the glory of the Lord. :)
I still love this song until today, and happy that we choose this song to enter the world of marriage. It's in fact not as easy as I imagine, but it does beautiful, it's precious, and it's something that I don't regret. And God deliver us a amazing son to complete our happiness. :)

But anyway, please enjoy this coupon:
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$6 to my store just for the 1st person who use it. :)



ART-BAKIN said... Best Blogger Tips

OOhh thanks so much for the coupon :) Your kits are so gorgeous :)
Congratulations on your anniversary! Have a wonderful day, once again thank you !

Laure said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy anniversary to both of you!!
This is a beautiful song! I get married in 2005 too, but in september...
Have a nice day!

Jasmin-Olya said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy anniversary! My congratulations!

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