Thursday, April 15, 2010

On That Joyful day [ baby boy kit ]

Hi ladies!
I am back with a new kit!! ;)

On That Joyful Day
20% OFF now!!



Ruel is going to be 4 very soon, and I am really amazed on how fast he grown up. This kit reminds me the day he was born 4 years ago. The happiness we feel, the magical touch. This kit include all the adorable baby boy stuffs for you to scrap your memories!

10 papers
1 pack of alpha
53 elements

and here are some inspiration:


also... ;)

I have 1 free coupon for this kit.. :)
LoveURuel --- used! ;) congrats, sweetie!

Have fun, happy scrapping, and have a blessed day!!!



Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I can't believe I checked blogger just in time! Thank you so much for the coupon! This is absolutely beautiful!

Ruel is so lucky to have a mom like you! You are such a beautiful, spiritual woman! I wish him the happiest of birthdays, and you the joyous of days!

Komarik said... Best Blogger Tips

Fantastic kit!!!
So beautiful and fresh colors!

Zoey said... Best Blogger Tips

Such a beautiful kit! I love all the baby themed elements and the color is just perfect. You did a wonderful job on this kit but that is not a thing to wonder anymore.

Happy Birthday to your Ruel! I am sure he will have the best birthday celebration coming from you.

Inna said... Best Blogger Tips

Fantastic kit, I love it!

Tatiana said... Best Blogger Tips

So wonderful kit!!!

Lydia Kurniawati said... Best Blogger Tips

Gorgeous as always!!!

*Dah lama ga nengokin blognya elo Kitt... ternyata udah banyak ketinggalan, hehe*

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