Friday, March 23, 2012

Hello Mi Miaw!

If you are my facebook friend, or following my twitter  you probably notice that I have a "new visitor" at my house few weeks ago.
A wild skinny kitten, a little trembling and not so strong.

I am, and will always be, an animal lover. That will never change.
Since I was a kid, I have cats, dogs, chickens, bunnies, hamsters, all over the house.
And make my parents headache because there's a moment while all those animals lives together in the same time: a hen, a cat, and a rabbit. They lives together, and never hurt each other. When my cat eat, my hen comes and try to steal my cat's food, but they never fight - or momma (---> me) will be angry.

So, back to this cat!
This little cat arrived at our house one day. I never know where she came from. But she is just so tiny that I decide to greet her. Only greet her, that's what I mean to.
She was kinda afraid of me, but curious at the same time. She stay away but not too far. When I come closer, she took few steps away, but again - never too far!

My Ruel, share the same excitement with animals just like me.
So when I show Ruel this little cat, he is all excited!
Since this kitten always there near our house, and brave enough to sit not too far from us, and looking at her skinny & trembling body, we decide to give her food.

I remember I wrote this at twitter:

7 Mar - We hv a happy wild cat today, Ruel feed her. Hehe..

That was her for me at 7 Mar, a wild cat! :)
This change a little at 8 Mar, also at twitter:

That little cat outside the house has become our new friend. :)

Oh well, I can't remember when, but the little cat is no longer "the cat". She is now Mi Miaw. Her new name. Read: Me - Meow

And now this is Ruel & her:

She is still so tiny but now with a fat tummy, and no longer trembling! Haha.. :D
Isn't she adorable?? :D


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