Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hybrid + Cards

I had been working on some stuffs for awhile.. non scrapbooking if you wondering, it's a graphic design works.. and this took a lot of my time, makes me sort of away for digital land.. however I wanna show you some card I made, and a hybrid project I am working on which related with my real life projects collaborate with my hubby:
The stuffs in this hybrid project will coming to my Oscraps store later on. Not going to promise when. but it's coming. :)

Here are some:

*still in a special price right now*
Something you can use for project life. :) 

KIT | Bea (coming soon)

Sitll the same project with Bea Kit (coming soon)

Here are the reasons why I am gone. 
And also few photo session which I will share later. :)
Hope everyone doing fine!



Crystal said... Best Blogger Tips

those are gorgeous Kitty! You are so talented!! Thinking of you! xoxo!

Kitty said... Best Blogger Tips

Crystal thank u sooo much.. I'd been thinking of u, too. I still owe you the last project... I am still very overload right now but I will surely back to u soon... *mwah mwahh*

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