Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chapel experience

Yesterday, I was invited to preach at children's chapel at Ruel's school. :)
Here are some of the tools I made for it:

23 Sept 2011 | Friday

The chapel experience was fun, it just like I was back to 5-6 years ago. The children were amazing, some of them hugs me and touch me. :) Just like a one day popularity. LOL.
But the best of it is the shine on Ruel's eyes and the way he said that he is happy to have me preaching at the chapel. :)

I always happy to spend a little time involved at Ruel's school. Peeking on what he'd been doing without me. :) Usually I never told him if I will come to the school, so it can be a surprise. But this time I did. It was fun, too. When the children were guessing which teacher preach today, Ruel was smiling, grin from ear to ear as he knows it will be me, not the teachers. :)
It was also the 1st time parents involved preaching at the school.

Love it. Thank God and the teachers!


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