Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Whereabouts City

Hi blog reader!
Few days ago.. I remember the time while I was still a little child.
When I look upon the sky.. sometimes I wonder if there's a city behind the clouds, is there any dwelling place where everyone can live there.. and fly.
I wonder if there's a magic place I didn't know up up up on the sky. :)

Yep, I am really full of imagination! :)

And now.. that imagination comes real in a kit I just created!

Whereabouts City



This kit is full with hand drawn elements. :)


12 papers

1 alpha & numbers

1 baloon
2 birds
1 bubble
1 bubble swirl
2 circles
1 city scenery
3 clouds
2 flowers
1 oval frame
1 frame
1 heart
2 spreading hearts
1 house
1 istal
2 stems
6 lights
2 negative frames
2 notes
3 pinned ribbons
1 plant
3 ribbon swirls
3 wrapped ribbons
1 spreading bubble hearts
4 swirls
1 tree

and I also create a page with it.
It's about my lovely lovely lovely little boy. :)


this page is also my contribution for Hodge Podge challenge where Liz invite to be a guest artist this week. :)

and here are also pages created by my awesome and lovely team!
* I LOVE THEM * :)


Hope you enjoy it!
And... never forget your imagination!



Lori said... Best Blogger Tips

beautiful kit and pages!! love the name!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

very lovely kit!!
Lovely pages too!!! Looks Awesome!

Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

Fun kit! I love the swirls!

angels said... Best Blogger Tips

This is gorgeous!! I love it!
Wonderful pages!

Cécile said... Best Blogger Tips

WoW, Wow and... WoOoOoOoW!!!

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