Saturday, April 25, 2009

The 1st Funds. :)

Do you ever heard about Daniel in the Bibble?

One day Daniel pray to God asking for something. God hear him and since the 1st day he pray, God has sent him the answer of his prayer.
God sent Mikhael the angel to bring Daniel's answer, but in the way to go, Mikhael was attack by bad spirits. Mikhael fight and it takes time until he win and arrived at Daniel's place and bring Daniel the answer of his prayer.

This story reminds me to what happen to me yesterday.

Thursday night I finally decide to give Lily earlier the funds that we got from World of Wonder Fundraiser kit. I actually plan to give her in the end of April after all the funds complete. But I change my mind Thursday night and call her. I didn't tell her about the fundraiser kit, I just said "Lily, can u meet me? I have a surprise for you." and from the chat I just know that she had gave up her living place for the therapies need. And I have a strong feeling that I had doing the right time for giving her now instead of the end of April.

We meet at school where we were teaching 5 years ago. Lily is still teaching but in another place (the same school but different place) while I am no longer teaching. But our headmaster is still the same. And she (the headmaster) already know about this fundraiser kit.

When Lily arrived I was in the middle of showing the kit to our headmaster. And just in time I show Lily the kit and also what I wrote at my blog before, and also all the comments given from all of you at my older post. :) So all your message for her also has been sent to her.
She was in a sudden cried and said JUST yesterday night (means: Thursday night), she and her husband has decide to stop Samuel's therapies because they are no longer has cash for it. They already has a meeting yesterday (Friday) with the psikiater to stop all Samuel's therapies and medication. And she said to me, "So? Samuel can still has his therapies?" again and again in tears.

Then she told me.. it's been a month since she and her husband pray every day, struggling and asked God to send them miracle to help them afford Samuel's therapies. And there's no answer and every door are still closed. And they start to be upset and feel no help.
But then I realize that start from a month ago me and other fab and wonderful designers already plan this collaboration, already start a color scheme, a theme.. and everything. So the time while she and her husband was praying is also the time while all of us plan this collaboration. The 1st time they pray, God already send them the answer of their prayer but it takes time until the prayer arrived in their hand. Yesterday are just in time. :)

The funds are $1700 so far after all the fee. :)

By the permission of Lily and family, they allowed me to share this stories and next week I will be back with Samuel's photo as well. I didn't have one today. But next week Lily will bring Samuel to visit us here (they live very far away from me).

Thank u so so so much for all your supports.. from creating this kit together with me.. for buying the kit.. and also for all the sweet comments.
This community has been a blessing.



Sharon said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow that is just fantastic Kitty. What a great answer to pray.

eph2810 said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, that is so awesome, Kitty. I truly believe in the power of prayers. God is good - He already knew that help will come...Off to the store :)

BTW - I think it is marvelous that you got together to help out a friend in need...

Blessings to you and yours.

Pris' said... Best Blogger Tips

It seems your both were connecting together without talking about anything... It's so wonderful to having been able to help her a little! :)

Ellie said... Best Blogger Tips

You and the designers that helped you come up with this kit are amazing - God bless you all!

Dielle said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, how special! What a marvelous thing to be an answer to prayer like that, Kitty!

Claudi said... Best Blogger Tips

wow wow love this kit and this is soo wonderful! The power of prayers is all that works!

DoodleBop said... Best Blogger Tips

This is one kit I am so glad I bought and reading this brought tears to my eyes. This is such a good thing you have done!

Armina said... Best Blogger Tips

wow... that's really a big help for theraphies...

Camila said... Best Blogger Tips

oh sweetie, I am so glad i was able to help. I was here, feeling sorry for myself because I am in the airport waiting to my flight home and there is a great chance that I'll miss my connection flight, so I was very upset, feeling tired and sorry for myself!
After reading your post I feel so happy and relieved and glad that I was able to help someone in need!!
Thank you for this oppurtunity!

Dawn said... Best Blogger Tips

That is just so awesome Kitty!! Have tears in my eyes! Thanks for sharing!

Linda said... Best Blogger Tips

Kitty, what a beautiful story. So much to be thankful for in reading that story. Thanks for sharing.

Robin Ennis Willson said... Best Blogger Tips

Awesome story! God is amazing, yes?
If you would like to add something of mine to the next one you do, please let me know!
May He bless you and keep you.

Lori said... Best Blogger Tips

wow! that is si inspiring! thanks for being there to fulfill that role unselfishly.

Digi Designz said... Best Blogger Tips

What an amazing story and wonderful gift you have given this family! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story of love and kindness.

WendyW said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, Kitty!!! Such a beautiful story...I have tears in my eyes! It's so wonderful how God worked through you! What a blessing that you were a faithful servant and listened to the prompting of the Holy Spirit when you did. Sounds like the timing was just perfect....which I'm sure is no coincidence! Bless you, Kitty and your friend!

listgirl said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, it is awesome to know that God knows exactly what our needs are and works behind the scenes to provide for us. Great testament to our faith in Jesus. Thanks for the inspiring post and it reminded me that I still need to buy this kit!

agravette said... Best Blogger Tips

What an awesome beautiful story and what a precious friend you are!

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