Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sick Little Boy.. :(

Now we finally find out what happen to our little boy.

Start from Sunday night, Ruel had a fever.
Usually even when he is sick, he still very cheerful, but Sunday night when he is fever, he start to sleep a lot and kept laying on my shoulder. He makes me worry.
Even when he still wanna make a joke to us by peeking while I took a photo on him even when he kept laying on the bed.


So I cancel his Occupation therapy session on Monday.
Monday night, we bring him to the doctor since he start to poop a lot and not a normal poop.

Other days seems find except than his poop haven't back to normal, but not as much as Monday, and we are happy for it.

But Thursday, he start to poop a lot again. We then decide to bring him again to the doctor and the doctor gave us new medicine.

On Friday he will have a Sensory Integration therapy. And since Monday he already absent, I decide to bring him to the therapy, also because in the morning when we wake up, he is really cheerful.
What I didn't predict is, he sleep all the way to the therapy place in the taxy. Which is not usual. Usually he will sleep awhile and than wake up happily.
He is not really cheerful and he doesn't want to move a lot, even though he also not cry a lot. In the middle of his therapy session, he poop again. And still not a normal poop. :(
He still a happy boy, though, even a bit limp.
But whole day he looks really weak and stick to me the whole days. He starts to makes me worry again.
And he sleepppp again and again. :(
I asked if we can take his feces to the lab for observation and the doctor say yes.
At the night, he wake up 3 times and said his stomach hurt, and also poop 3 times. He seems suffering. :(

So today we brough the feces to the lab and the result comes out.

Ruel has an infection in his stomach and need to take an antibiotic. HIKS. :(
He still cheerful like a little puppy though.. he always always did even when he is sick.

I really wish he get well soon.
What makes me unhappy the most is when I know something wrong happen to him. :(

This photo taken on Friday night.


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michellewaite1 said... Best Blogger Tips

Poor thing. I hope he gets better soon.

Sabine said... Best Blogger Tips

Sorry for your little one. Hope the antibiotics will be efficient and that he will be quickly back onhis feet.

Therese said... Best Blogger Tips

Poor little kiddo.... hope he is getting better soon....

LuAnn said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh your poor baby!!! it's so hard on us Moms when our kids get sick. As I nurse, I almost feel helpless when it's my own kids that are sick! Hopefully the medicine will get him back to normal soon!!

MisticaDesigns said... Best Blogger Tips

ohhh kitty your poor baby!!!! i hope he gets better soon!!! can imagine how hard it is for a mother to see her little boy sick!
but i´m sure in a week he already is playing again everywhere and running all over the house :-)

*sarahm172* said... Best Blogger Tips

i hope he gets better soon
have a nice day

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