Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ruel's Birthday Preparation :)

Ruel will celebrate his 6th birthday tomorrow, 20 April 2012, where did time flies? Can't believe my baby is finally 6!
This year we still only celebrate the birthday at school, but instead of normal cake, we decide to use a cupcake. The idea is from one of the site, will leave you the link tomorrow.

Every year I am making a special invitation for each of his class mate, with their photos on it, instead of ours, so they can keep it for them self. But this time our concept change. Ruel really love to draw, as some of  you probably already know, he understand colors really well, and he already have his own "hand drawn" logo. And this K2 he had start to give away his hand drawn for his class mate who asked. So we decide to use his hand drawn for the invitations. He draw it, we scan it, we colors it with illustrator, add the details.. and here you go...

These are the printed version. :) The round one is for cupcake. :D
During the coloring & putting the composition, including use the background colors, Ruel supervise us from behind, and "really annoying" - I am telling you - lol ... He kept saying we should use this colors or that. So he here you go, the proud little art director.. :D

Daddy do the "cut-cut" (sorry for the photo quality :p ).
And here are the final:

TADA!!! :D

And here's the sleeping birthday boy! ♥

Now we are ready for tomorrow! :D
Thanks for reading!

Have a blessed day/night!

Hugs from a happy mom,


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