Friday, December 31, 2010

Girls Nite Out

As all the mom and wife, I rarely have a really personal time. :)
But I do have some friends that share life with me, and sometimes we spend time together. Sometimes with Ruel together with us.

But this time I "allowed" myself to have a really Girls Nite Out. And my hubby even happily support me out. And yep I am having a really fun time.
I am so excited waiting for the day.
And so glad to finally hanging out together with some old friends for years.


Making stupid jokes, and act silly as we always do while we were teenager.



I am happy we did that.
I am going home tired.. miss my baby so much and happy to see my DH still awake and waiting for me to share stories. Laughing at all the photos with an old digital camera.
I am just simply happy. :)

Friendship is one important thing that I wanna keep forever. That is for sure! :)

Have a blessed day everyone!


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